New Year Quiz 1

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Mystery Year Quiz1. What name do the Scots give to New Year?s Eve?

2. What name is given to the Jewish New Year?

3. The Caribbean island of Haiti gained independence from which country on 1st January 1803?

4. Which American President issued the Emancipation Proclamation on New Year?s Day 1863?

5. Which band took New Year?s Day to number 10 in the charts in 1983?

6. On New Year?s Day 1975, John Mitchell, H.R. Halderman, and John Ehrlichman were convicted of obstruction of justice in the enquiry into which scandal?

7. On New Year?s Day 1914, the world?s first airline started operating within which American state?

8. The traditional New year Ball Drop takes place at which New York City landmark?

9. Which female singer was born LaDonna Gaines on New Year?s Eve 1948?

10. On which day of the week was New year?s Eve in the year 2000?


1. Hogmanay

2. Rosh Hashanah

3. France

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. U2

6. Watergate

7. Florida

8. Times Square

9. Donna Summer

10. Sunday


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