Christmas Quiz 2

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The following questions are based loosley on the theme of Christmas

Christmas Quiz Questions1. Which horse won the 1964 Derby?

2. Who is Aladdin’s Mother?

3. What were the names of Cinderella’s two ugly sisters?

4. On which night is it said that, Animals can speak and evil spirits loose their powers?

5. What was stolen from Westminster Abbey on Christmas Day 1950?

6. What bird did Queen Elizabeth I decree should be eaten as Christmas?

7. Which British colony surrendered to the Japanese on Christmas Day 1941?

8. Died Christmas Day 1946. US movie-actor / comedian. Noted for his quotes such as, “Anyone who hates small dogs and children can’t be all bad”?

9. Who banned Christmas festivities as heathen practice in 1652?

10. What Hollywood Macho man played the lead in the 1996 film ‘Jingle All The Way’?  

11. In Holland, what do children put out on Christmas Eve, instead of stockings?

12. In December 1897, what did over a million women ask Queen Victoria to shut on Sundays, over the festive season?

13. What job was first taken by James Edgar in 1890?

14. What occupation is Joseph the patron Saint of?

15. What was Scrooge's business partner called?

16. What did the Sun publish early in December 1993, that got them into a lot of trouble?

17. Who had the Christmas number ones, in 1975 and 1991, and with which song?

18. What was the first thing that Scrooge purchased after his change of heart?

19. Who discovered Christmas Island in 1777?

20. Which carol mentions a 19th Century Duke of Bohemia?

21. In which century was Christmas first celebrated ?

22. Jesus was probably born during what season?

23. Why was December 25th chosen as Christmas Day?

24. How did the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe develop?

25. What significance is holly in celebrating Christmas?

26. What country did poinsettias originally come from?

27. Who probably was the first man to illuminate a Christmas tree with candles?

28. True or false, celebrating Christmas was once against the law in Masachusetts?

29. St. Nicholas was born in what country?

30. What part of a candy cane represents the blood Christ shed?


1. Santa Claus

2. Widow Twankey

3. Drucilla and Anastasia

4. Christmas Eve

5. The Stone of Scone

6. Goose

7. Hong Kong

8. W. C. Fields

9. Oliver Cromwell

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger

11. Clogs

12. Pubs

13. He was the first department store Santa

14. Carpenters

15. Jacob Marley

16. The Queen's Christmas speech

17. Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody

18. A turkey

19. Captain Cook

20. Good King Wenceslas

21. In the 4th century

22. Spring

23. To compete with a pagan celebration

24. It was associated with the Scandinavian love goddess

25. The early church banned mistletoe, so holly was substituted

26. Mexico

27. Martin Luther

28. True

29. Turkey

30. The large red stripe 


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