Christmas Initials Quiz 3

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The following quiz round was very kindly submitted by Ted Smith from the UK. Many, many thanks Ted, another great quiz round.

Find the hidden Christmas-related sentence. The actual sentence is discovered by taking the first letter of the answers and building them up in order to reveal the required sentence.

Christmas Quiz Questions 1. In terms of population, what is the largest city in Africa?

2. In Italy, what kind of food is called prosciutto?

3. What in the body have the types true, false and floating?

4. What is the common name of the evergreen climbing plant Hedera helix?

5. Of which African republic is Dakar the capital?

6. What is the name of the O'Hara house in Gone With The Wind?

7. Of which island group is Funchal the capital?

8. Who wrote Watership Down

9. What is the name of the fruit of the blackthorn bush?

10. What is the name of the chief river of Myanmar, the country formerly known as Burma?

11. In Russia, what name is given to the traditional urn used to boil water for tea?

12. Of which Canadian maritime province is Halifax the capital?

13. What is the name for the substance made by spiritualists or mediums and claimed to be "spirit-matter"?

14. Which Moroccan seaport was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960?

15. To what meteorological feature does the adjective 'pluvial' refer?

16. What is the capital of Peru?

17. What is the name of Jewish day of antonement?

18. Which American giant took over Asda?

19. The wading bird Threskiornis aethiopica was sacred to the Ancient Egyptians. What is its common name?

20. The Portuguese capital, Lisbon, lies near the mouth of which river?

21. Trichology is the study of the structure, functions and diseases of what?

22. What does the U stand for in IOU?

23. What does the acronym SCUBA stand for?

24. What is the capital of Ghana?

25. Which very hot, peppery sauce bears the same name as a state of south east Mexico?

26. What name is given to a line drawn on a weather map which connects places having equal atmospheric pressure?

27. In which city is the Prado Art Gallery?

28. Which English city has the shortest name?

29. In cookery, the term 'Lyonnaise' indicates that a particular vegetable is used in a dish: which vegetable?

30. What term is used to describe a formerly domesticated animal which has reverted to a wild state?

31. In the First World War, which was the only naval battle fought between the British Grand Fleet and the German High Sea Fleet?

32. Which mountain in Greece is the legendary home of the Ancient Gods?

33. Which microbe is the basis of the brewing and baking industry?

34. Which ancient name for Britain is perhaps derived from the Latin word for white?

35. Which American state's name is a Spanish word meaning snow-clad?

36. Who composed the piano piece 'Clair de Lune' and the three symphonic sketches 'La Mer'?

37. What is the name of the chief town of the island of Majorca?

38. Which is the third book of the Old Testament?

39. Who became British Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1799 and is chiefly remembered for his acquisition of ancient Greek sculptures?

40. Which fruit is the principle ingredient of the Mexican dish guacamole?

41. Of which African republic is Mogadishu the capital?

42. What was the former name of Burkina Faso?

43. What is the commonest pub name in the British Isles?

44. Where did the Wizard of Oz live?

For five points, what is the Christmas Initials Sentence?


1. Cairo

2. Ham

3. Ribs

4. Ivy

5. Senegal

6. Tara

7. Madeira Islands

8. Adams

9. Sloe

10. Irrawaddy

11. Samovar

12. Nova Scotia

13. Ectoplasm

14. Agadir

15. Rain

16. Lima

17. Yom Kippur

18. Wal-Mart

19. Ibis

20. Tagus

21. Hair

22. Unto

23. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

24. Accra

25. Tabasco Sauce

26. Isobar

27. Madrid

28. Ely

29. Onion

30. Feral

31. Jutland

32. Olympus

33. Yeast

34. Albion

35. Nevada

36. Debussy

37. Palma

38. Leviticus

39. Elgin

40. Avocado

41. Somalia

42. Upper Volta

43. The Red Lion

44. Emerald City

Sentence? Christmas is nearly with us A time of joy and pleasure


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