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1. Which Asian electronics giant's name means "three stars"?

2. In the 19th century, it is believed that Napoleon used poison gas to put down slave rebellions in Haiti and Guadeloupe. Plus or minus 5,000, how many slaves were executed?

3. Vietnam shares borders with three countries. Name them.

4. Plus or minus five percent, the Republic of China accounted for how many percent of the world's total capital punishment executions in 2004?

5. Following on, which country came second in this list?

6. What colour is CERULEAN?

7. In literature, the story of Bambi was originally published in which language?

8. What film was shot on location in County Mayo, Ireland in 1951, directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara?

9. In Greek mythology, who was the god of wine, parties, merriment and festivities? Eight letters.

10. Where were British troops sent during Operation Banner? (Clue: 1969).

11. What took place for the first time in Alamogordo, New Mexico, on July 16th 1945?

12. French word for JEWEL or TRINKET. Five letters. Second letter is an "I".

13. Hannelore Schmatz was the 4th woman to summit Everest. What first is she also accredited with?

14. A 1989 novel by Sandra Harvey about the Australian Milperra massacre and a 1985 album by Dire Straits, which includes a song with the same name.

15. What do C. S. Lewis, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards, Vanessa Redgrave, Alfred Hitchcock and W. B. Yeats all have in common?

16. Muslim physicians first discovered the immune system in which century?

17. Staying with discoveries; In 1915 Karl Schwarzschild first discovered the so-called Schwarzschild radius leading to the identification of what phenomena? Two words.

18. Hawaii is the only US state to have what on it's flag?

19. What was the cause of death of Billie Holiday, Errol Flynn and W. C. Fields?

20. Which element makes up 27.72% of the earth's crust? 

21. What is the basic currency of India?

22. Who wrote the song ?American Pie??

23. To which movement did the former Cambodian Leader Pol Pot belong?

24. In what year was NATO established?

25. Who succeeded Jimmy Carter as President?

26. In which country (not Principality) other than Germany is German the only official language?

27. What do you call a material that can carry electricity?

28. Which children's TV show did Roy Castle present?

29. What was Tonto's horse called?

30. What type of dog is named after a Canadian province?

31. What was Elton John's first No. 1 solo single?

32. What male singing voice comes below tenor?

33. In which continent is Israel situated?

34. Which Cornish village claims to be the birthplace of King Arthur?

35. What do you call a female fox?

36. In which year did Britain join the EEC?

37. Who had a No. 1 with the song Down Under?

38. What is the setting for the TV comedy "Only when I Laugh"?

39. What was the prize you didn?t want to win in 3-2-1?

40. Which North African city has a name meaning "White House " in Spanish?


1. Samsung - 'Sam' in Korean means 'three' and 'sung' means 'star'.

2. 100,000.

3. China to the north, Laos to the northwest and Cambodia to the southwest.

4. 90%.

5. Iran. Third was Vietnam and fourth was the USA.

6. Blue.

7. German. Originally: "Bambi, ein Leben im Walde", a book by Felix Salten, 1923.

8. The Quiet Man.

9. Dionysus - He represented not only the intoxicating power of wine, but also its social and beneficial influences. Quite the party animal.

10. Northern Ireland.

11. The first nuclear test, the Manhattan Project - codename "Trinity".

12. Bijou.

13. The first woman to die on Everest is what we are looking for, but also the first German to perish on Everest is also acceptable. (Died of exhaustion on October 2, 1979 as she was returning from successfully summiting Mount Everest via the southern route).

14. Brothers in Arms.

15. They all declined an honour. - Churchill declined dukedom in order to remain in House of Commons and to allow his son a political career. Yeats declined knighthood in 1915, seven years before becoming a Senator of the newly-formed Irish Free State. Richards declined a CBE. Hitchcock declined CBE in 1962; accepted KBE in 1980. Lewis declined knighthood to avoid association with any political issues. Redgrave declined DBE in 1999.

16. The 10th century.

17. Black holes

18. A Union flag/Jack of the UK.

19. Alcoholism.

20. Silicon. 

21. The rupee

22. Don McLean

23. Khmer Rouge

24. 1949

25. Ronald Reagan

26. Austria

27. Conductor

28. Record breakers

29. Scout

30. Labrador or Newfoundland

31. Sacrifice

32. Baritone

33. Asia

34. Tintagel

35. A vixen

36. 1973

37. Men at Work

38. In a hospital

39. A Dusty Bin

40. Casablanca


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