Pub Quiz 87

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1. What game did Ole Kirk Christiansen invent?

2. What is Sherlock Holmes sidekick Dr. Watson's first name?

3. The line: "Go ahead punk, make my day" was spoken by Clint Eastwood in which movie?

4. True or false: there are approximately 200,000,000 insects for every human on earth.

5. What is measured on the Mohs scale?

6. Hong Kong has the lowest rate of childbirth with one child per family - true or false?

7. What is the name of the fictional town in the Truman show?

8. In 1872, American feminist Victoria Claflin Woodhull was the first woman in America to do what?

9. Plus or minus two, how many countries in the world list Spanish as their official language?

10. In which 20th Century novel does the game "Centrifugal Bumble Puppy" appear?

11. What was the name of the submarine in Das Boot?

12. Which subatomic particle is named after the Greek for "first"?

13. The 'Great Game' is a British term for what?

14. Two parter this one:
    a: What is the name of the lawyer in the Simpsons?
    b: Which film did he attempt to sue for being patently untrue?

15. The cartoon character Yogi Bear is based on whom?

16. Humans share more DNA with which animal, a cat or a dog?

17. Which country's national flag has the most colours?

18. Olympus Mons is the largest volcano known to man. Where is it?

19. One for the Brits, the musicians David Peacock and Charles Hodges better known as what?

20. In Europe which two capital cities are closest together? (The Vatican excluded)

21. Germany's first Autobahn was opened between which two cities?

22. Which football player has cost the most money in accumulated transfer fees during his career?

23. What nationality is the fictional character '"Aladdin"?

24. Apart from the letter X what other letter scores 8 in Scrabble?

25. On a standard typewriter keyboard what is the last letter on the bottom line ? left to right?

26. In Greek mythology who was the goddess of love and beauty?

27. Who became leader of the Labour Party when Neil Kinnock resigned?

28. Which newspaper exposed the Watergate cover up?

29. What name did the Romans give to anyone outside the Roman Empire?

30. What is the ?sheath? from which a hair grows called?

31. Genesis is the first book of the Bible ? which is the next?

32. Which statesman?s wife was sent to prison for kidnapping and beating young men?

33. Where was the Magna Carta signed?  

34. Who invented the Sandwich?

35. Which Neil Diamond song was a No. 1 for UB40?

36. Who put together the group called The Wombles?

37. What is the only English City named after a Saint?

38. What do the letters GI mean in US military terms?

39. Which song opens the music for Oklahoma?

40. Which fictional town is the setting of the film Brassed Off?

Tie Breaker: How many different scoring areas are there on a dart board?


1. Lego.

2. John.

3. Sudden Impact.

4. True.

5. The hardness of minerals.

6. True again.

7. Sea Haven.

8. Run for President.

9. 21.

10. Brave New World - Aldous Huxley.

11. U96.

12. Proton

13. The rivalry between the British Empire and the Russian Empire for supremacy in Central Asia in the late Victorian era/the race to control Afghanistan etc.

14. a: Lionel Hutz. b: Never Ending Story.

15. Yogi Berra - catcher for the NY Yankees in the 1950s/60s

16. Dogs.

17. South Africa.

18. Mars.

19. Chas & Dave.

20. Vienna and Bratislava.

21. Darmstadt and Frankfurt.

22. Nicholas Anelka (over ?85m).

23. Chinese.

24. J

25. M

26. Aphrodite

27. John Smith

28. Washington Post

29. Barbarians

30. Follicle

31. Exodus

32. Nelson Mandela

33. Runnymede  

34. The Earl of Sandwich

35. Red Red Wine

36. Mike Batt

37. St. Albans

38. Government Issue

39. Oh what a beautiful morning

40. Grimley

Tie Breaker: 82.


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