Pub Quiz 88

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1. Which number which adds up to 11 appears all too frequently in Star Trek and its spinoffs?

2. Henry Gunther's death at 10.59 am was both tragic and senseless. Why?

3. Plus or minus one, Mexico once had how many Presidents in the space of 24 hours?

4. The horn of a rhino is made of what?

5. The surface area of the human tongue is roughly equal to what? a. a dart board, b. a table tennis table, c. a tennis court, or d. a football (soccer) pitch.

6. Mick Fleetwood, Catherine Zeta Jones, Ioan Gruffud, Antonio Banderas, Gene Wilder, Niel Diamond and Elijah Wood all excell in which sport?

7. What were Englands two biggest imports in the 12th century (both start with a 'W')?

8. Which cake shares its name with a character from The Goon Show?

9. In which 1959 film does an assassin pop out of a cake and machine gun George Raft?

10. Kitty Hawk is associated with which famous aviators?

11. What began 'Like a streak of lightning flashing 'cross the sky'?

12. What is the common name for the drug Acetylsalicylic Acid?

13. Which film was based on a Neurofibromatosis sufferer?

14. Name either of the two illnesses named after saints?

15. Which character will the late actor Caesar Romero always be associated with?

16. What is the family name in 'Bewitched'?

17. Who played Captain Nelson in 'I Dream of Jeannie'

18. In which country did David Beckham and Victoria Adams get married?

19. With what is the Belgian beer Kriek flavoured?

20. What is the main ingredient in the Greek dish taramasalata?

21. In which sport might you have a hog, kiggle kaggle and pot-lid?

22. Which famous London Road and Underground station has six consecutive consonants in it's name?

23. What did Eric Morley found in 1951?

24. How many individual horse bets make up a Yankee?

25. In August 1942, where in France did allied forces mount a daring raid on Hitler's Fortress Europe?

26. What was unusual about the George Cross awarded on 16th April 1942?

27. Mao used what to clean his teeth ?

28. Catgut is made from the intestine of which animal?

29. Which is the only Football Club to have appeared in the final of both the English and Scottish FA Cups?

30. How many dots are there on a pair of dice?  

31. What nationality is Erno Rubik, inventor of the Rubik's Cube?

32. In which seaside resort did Billy Butlin open his first holiday camp?

33. Where does Yogi Bear live?

34. Which sign of the zodiac is between Scorpio and Capricorn?

35. What is the largest county in the Republic of Ireland?

36. In which US state were the Mormon's founded?

37. What was the title of The Beatles' second film?

38. What is the third book in the Old Testament?

39. Where is the annual British Showjumping Derby held?

40. In Greek Mythology, who was rejected by Narcissus and pined away - leaving only her voice?


1. 47 'The 47 conspiracy'.

2. US soldier H Gunther was the last allied soldier to die before the 11 am armistice in World War I.

3. Three.

4. Hair.

5. c. a tennis court (singles mind you).

6. Fencing.

7. Wool and Wine.

8. Ecles.

9. Some Like It Hot.

10. The Wright Brothers.

11. Champion The Wonder Horse.

12. Aspirin.

13. The Elephant Man.

14. St Vitus' Dance or St Anthony's Fire.

15. The Joker in Batman.

16. Stevens.

17. Larry Hagman.

18. Republic of Ireland.

19. Cherries.

20. Cod Roe.

21. Curling.

22. Knightsbridge.

23. Miss World Competition.

24. Eleven.

25. Dieppe.

26. It was awarded to the island of Malta.

27. Green Tea.

28. Sheep

29. Queens Park

30. 42  

31. Hungarian

32. Skegness

33. Jellystone National Park

34. Sagittarius

35. Cork

36. New York

37. Help!

38. Leviticus

39. Hickstead

40. Echo


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