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1. True or false: It is more likely to rain on the weekend than during the week.

2. The word pupil comes from the Latin 'pupillus', meaning a little child/doll. So why do we refer to the pupil in the eye as a pupil?

3. Fantasia, Edinburgh, Newport Beach, Berlin International and Mumbai International are all examples of what?

4. Plus or minus one hundred years, when did the Chinese begin constructing a massive canal system to connect the Yellow and Yangtze rivers?

5. The title of the national anthem of which country literally translates as "Land of Mountains, Land on the River"?

6. In which country can or could one find the following guerrilla movements: 
    a: Red Army Fraction (RAF). 
    b: UCPMB. 
    c: Mau Mau. 
    d: Contras. 
    e: Brigate Rosse. 
    f: Euzkadi Tas Askantasuna.

7. What is the second longest tunnel (in use today) in the world?

8. What disintegrated on January 28th 1986?

9. What do the following words mean (spell them or print them out): "un, dau, tri, pedwar, pump, chwech, saith, wyth, naw, deg"?

10. Who made the following famous statements/speeches: 
    a: Vive le Qu?bec libre 
    b: Time to Break Silence 
    c: The Ballot or the Bullet 
    d: Tear down this wall 
    e: We all breathe the same air 
    f: The only thing we have to fear is fear itself

11. What do the following people have in common: Daryl Hannah, Pamela Anderson, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Paul McCartney, Carl Lewis, Heather Mills, Apu in the Simpsons and Anne Hathaway?

12. After converting to Islam in 1955, Michel Demitri Chalhoub is better known as whom?

13. Which famous early Physicist first described the laws of buoyancy?

14. Which pieces were the very first currency of the world, accepted almost everywhere and became the basis of many modern currencies, including the US dollar and the Chinese yuan.

15. What position did each of the following football (soccer) players take (extra point for the country in each case): 
    a: Dino Zoff. 
    b: Roger Milla. 
    c: Michael Laudrup. 
    d: Just Fontaine. 
    e: Edgar Davids. 
    f: Vitor Baia.

16. What do the following foods have in common: Beef Stroganoff, B?chamel sauce, Kaiser rolls, Peach Melba and Sandwiches

17. Roughly how many people died as a result of the Black Death pandemic (1330 - 1351): 
    a: 5,000,000. 
    b: 25,000,000. 
    c: 75,000,000?

18. Nanbudo, Taido, Nakamura Ryu and Genbukan are all examples of what?

19. The title of the national anthem of which country literally translates as "High Above the Young Rhine"?

20. The deadliest earthquake of all time had it's epicentre at Shaanxi, China (January 1556). It is estimated that it reached around 8.0 on the Richter scale. Plus or minus 100,000, approximately how many people died as a result of this moster quake?

21. In what would a ?Cryptologist? specialise?

22. Which is Britain?s oldest Sunday newspaper?

23. What is the highest rank in the British Army?

24. According to advertising research, which word attracts the most attention is it, sex, free, sale or money?

25. Which language is a mixture of German, Hebrew, Polish and Russian, with a few French and Italian words thrown in?

26. Which stretch of water is known as ?La Manche? by the French?

27. Which ?ology? is the study of mountains?

28. Spell the word ?accommodate?.

29. Which rank in the Police force is immediately above Chief Inspector?

30. What slang word links a sausage and an old car?

31. Which actor played ?The Boston Strangler? on film?

32. In July 1923 what freak weather conditions killed 23 people in Rostov, USSR?

33. According to Rudyard Kipling which animal walked by himself and was the wildest of all the wild animals?

34. David Block and David Quayle founded which store in Southampton in 1969?

35. Which English town is an anagram of ancestral?

36. Which is taller: the Great Pyramid or the Eiffel Tower?

37. What are the first names of former hippies called Cohen and Greenfield who sold their successful business to Unilever in April 2000?

38. Which 2 London boroughs begin with 'E'?

39. Where were you most likely to see the gatekeeper outside Sir John Houblon's home if you are lucky, that is!

40. What album remained on billboards album charts for a record 741 consecutive weeks?


1. True: pollution creates cloud seeds, fine particles around which cloud droplets form, they build up during the week making rain likely after five days.

2. From the tiny reflection you see of yourself you see when you look into someone else's eye.

3. Film festivals.

4. 607 AD.

5. Austria (Land der Berge, Land am Strome).

6. Answers: 
    a: Germany. 
    b: Serbia. 
    c: Kenya. 
    d: Nicaragua. 
    e: Italy. 
    f: Spain (ETA).

7. The Channel Tunnel (50.450km, 31.3miles) between England and France. The longest is the Seikan Tunnel in Japan.

8. The Challenger space shuttle.

9. The numbers one to ten (inclusive) in Welsh.

10. Six Answers:     
    a: Charles de Gaulle. 
    b: Martin Luther King Jr. 
    c: Malcolm X. 
    d: Ronald Reagan. 
    e: John Fitzgerald Kennedy. 
    f: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

11. All practice veganism / vegans (do not use or consume animal products of any kind).

12. Omar Sharif (Omar al-Sharif actually).

13. Archimedes of Syracuse.

14. Eight - A Spanish silver coin.

15. Five Answers: 
    a: Goalkeeper, Italy. 
    b: Forward. Cameroon. 
    c: Midfield, Denmark. 
    d: Forward, France. 
    e: Midfield, Netherlands. 
    f: Goalkeeper, Portugal.

16. All named after people.

17. c: 75,000,000.

18. Japanese martial arts.

19. Liechtenstein (Oben am jungen Rhein).

20. 830,000.

21. Cracking codes

22. The Observer

23. Field Marshall

24. Free.

25. Yiddish.

26. The English Channel

27. Orology

28. A-c-c-o-m-m-o-d-a-t-e.

29. Superintendent

30. Banger

31. Tony Curtis

32. Giant hailstones

33. The Cat

34. B & Q

35. Lancaster

36. Eiffel Tower

37. Ben and Jerrie

38. Ealing, Enfield

39. Back of a ?50 note

40. Dark side of the moon


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