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The following quiz round was kindly donated by Tony from the UK. Many thanks Tony, a great round of questions

1. Denise Van Outen got married in 2009 in the Seychelles. To whom?

2. The flu strain H1N1 is better known - or feared - by what name?

3. Zac Ephron co-starred in the movie "17 Again". With which Friends star?

4. Who created and voices the characters Peter, Brian & Stew in Family Guy?

5. What is unusual about the twins that Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are expecting (April 2009)?

6. DJ Jeremy Healy married which actress in early 2009 - her fourth musician-related husband?

7. Roger Hiorns (pronounced Highons), Enrico David, Lucy Skaer (pronounced Skyer), and Richard Wright were in the news in April 2009. Why?

8. Prince Philip has taken the title of longest serving British Royal consort. But who had that title before him?

9. Which singer's children are called Ruby and Dexter Henson?

10. What is the name of Jamie & Jules Oliver's third daughter, a sister to Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo?

11. The record producers Dangermouse and hip-hop singer Cee-Lo Green are collectively known by what name?

12. Where in the UK would you land at St Angelo airport?

13. He died in 2008, aged 95. He was very famously linked with events 35 years previously. By what nickname was Mark Felt better known?

14. Despite losing approximately ?16bn in nett worth in 2008, who is still the richest man in Britain, according to the Sunday Times?

15. In the 2009 remake of Reggie Perrin (no comments please) Reggie walked past which company on his way to his job in Groomtech?

16. In which country is the headquarters of OPEC?

17. What was legalised in Ireland in 1997?

18. Science - what name is given to a distance of 3.26 light years?

19. In which Northern English town do Wallace and Gromit live?

20. Point for each - the Island of Borneo belongs to what three countries?

21. Where on your body would you find a lunula?

22. The bestselling Stephenie Meyer books, Breaking Dawn, Eclipse & New Moon, among others, are collectively known by what name?

23. How is the Baron of Foy in the county of Herefordshire and Hartlepool in the county of Durham better known?

24. Which film is the highest-ever grossing film in the UK as of April 2009? 

25. What name is given to the dress worn by female competitors in highland dancing?

26. In what capacity could 21 names - including Ana, Bill, Claudette - thru to Victor and Wanda - be in the news from June 1 2009?

27. What was unusual about the landslide mayoral victory for Harry Stonebraker in the town on Winfield Missouri on April 9, 2009?

28. How many replies did Sting get to his message in a bottle?

29. In the classic comedy series "The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin", what was Reggie Perrin's middle name?

30. is the web address for which Lake District attraction?

31. What is the main official language of Ethiopia?

32. Which e-tailer made the fortunes of Brent Hoberman and Martha Lane-Fox?

33. What term is given to velocity multiplied by mass?

34. What word did James Joyce's Ulysses contribute to particle physics?

35. What lies above the troposphere and below the ionosphere?

36. What is a yarmulke, or kippah?

37. Which Italian city is served by Galileo Galilei airport?

38. With which Irish retailer is the brand St Bernard most associated?

39. Who replaced Bob Wilson as the face of the BBC's Football Focus in 1994?

40. In which palace were Henry VIII and his daughters Mary & Elizabeth born?

41. Killing me Softly was a career-defining hit for Roberta Flack and much later, The Fugees. Who was it written about, and what was "his song" for the point.

42. In what capacity has Moby's Lift Me Up recently lost out to Fleetwood Mac's The Chain?

43. From which English port in 1620 did The Pilgrim Fathers originally set sail on board the Mayflower to America? 


1. Lee Mead (Joseph)

2. Swine Flu

3. Matthew Perry

4. Seth McFarlane

5. The twins are being carried by a surrogate

6. Patsy Kensit

7. They were the shortlist for the Turner Prize

8. Queen Charlotte (wife of George III)

9. Charlotte Church's

10. Petal Blossom Rainbow

11. Gnarls Barkley (Brian Burton and Thomas Callaway respectively)

12. Enniskillen

13. Deep Throat

14. Lakshmi Mittal

15. Sunshine Desserts - the company RP worked for in the original series

16. Austria

17. Divorce

18. Parsec

19. Wigan - seen when Gromit picks up the post in The Wrong Trousers

20. Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia

21. Nails - it's the half moon thingy at the bottom

22. Twilight Series

23. Business Secretary - Peter Mandelson

24. Mamma Mia! Overtaking Titanic in Dec 08 

25. Aboyne Dress

26. Names for 2009 Hurricanes and tropical storms

27. He was dead. Died 2 weeks before election, but name on the papers and postal voting had taken place too. Won 90% of the vote.

28. Walked out this morning, don't believe what I saw, Hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore

29. Iolanthe

30. The World of Beatrix Potter

31. Amharic


33. Momentum

34. Quark

35. Stratosphere (accept mesosphere)

36. Jewish skull cap

37. Pisa

38. Dunne's Stores

39. Steve Rider - Lineker was later

40. Placentia - also called Greenwich Palace

41. Don McClean - American Pie

42. BBC showing F1 again from ITV.

43. Southampton (forced to return to port when Speedwell took on water and later set sail from Plymouth)  


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