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1. Which famous man's son was an eyewitness at the assassination of three US Presidents ?

2. In a popular 60s song, what do birds, stars and me all have in common?

3. After becoming the President-Elect, Barack Obama received many calls of congratulation from world leaders. For each of the following messages, identify the world leader to congratulate Mr. Obama, as well as their country: 
    a: "Africa ... today stands proud of your achievements" 
    b: "I look forward to meeting with the President-elect so that we can continue to strengthen the special bond that exists between Canada and the United States" 
    c: "We hope the president-elect in the United States will stay the course and would continue the US engagement in the peace process without delay. We hope the two-state vision would be transferred from a vision to a realistic track immediately" 
    d: "What an awesome night for you, your family and your supporters. You are about to go on one of the great journeys of life. Congratulations and go enjoy yourself" 
    e: "Barack Obama ran an inspirational campaign, energising politics with his progressive values and his vision for the future...I look forward to working extremely closely with him in the coming months and years." 
    f: "At a time when we must face huge challenges together, your election has raised enormous hope in ******, in Europe and beyond" 
    g: "I will try to help relations between Russia and the United States where a new generation has come to power, and I don't see problems for Medvedev to establish good relations with Obama who is handsome, young and suntanned!"

4. In what year was President Clinton inaugurated for the second time?

5. What do the following people all have in common: Barack Obama, Alexander the Great, Fidel Castro, Helen Keller, Jack-the-Ripper, Boston Strangler (Albert Henry DeSalvo) and Edwin Buzz Aldrin?

6. Which city of west-central France is famous for its fine porcelain and its ceramic industry dating back to the 18th century?

7. Which European capital's name translated means 'merchant harbour'?

8. Plus or minus 10 degrees, what is the Fahrenheit equivalent of minus 40 degrees Celsius?

9. Put the following in the correct order starting with the animal with the most bones. A human, a horse and a mouse.

10. All of the following 'had a bite', so to speak, of which fruit in the late 1960s? Hot Chocolate, Billy Preston, Badfinger, Mary Hopkin, Jackie Lomax and James Taylor

11. What is the term for the most comprehensive win possible in a game of backgammon?

12. The most widely used herb in the world takes its name from the country of its origin. Name the herb.

13. In which animated state capital did Barack Obama announce his candidacy for the President of the United States?

14. What were the Oscars awarded during the Second World War made from?

15. In 1979, Barack Obama graduated Punahou High School. Where is this school? (it is quite well-known).

16. Obama says that his alternate career choice would have been: a: Pastor, b: Architect, c: Doctor, d: Lawyer or e: Psychologist?

17. Name the five James Bond films with a one-word title?

18. When Kevin is left home alone for the first time, where is the family's destination for their Christmas vacation?

19. Which footballer's autobiography was entitled 'Le Magnifique'?

20. Which of these boxers is the heaviest: Bantamweight, Lightweight or Flyweight?

21. What title is given in Spain to daughters of the sovereign?

22. Which two Britons won the gold and silver medals in the 1,500 metre final at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics?

23. If N comes before M, I comes before O, U before I and Z before X, what letter comes before B?

24. Which rock star once said of his daughter "She had her rebellious moment, but it was pretty quiet compared to mine, which lasted about 15 years"?

25. What was the title of the Beatles EP which featured the songs "Your Mother Should Know" and "I Am The Walrus?"

26. Which comet was visible from the UK during 1997?

27. Who composed the tune to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?  


1. Abraham Lincoln's son Robert Todd Lincoln.

2. "Just like me, they long to be, close to you" - from the song Close to you. (D. Warwick, Carpenters and Richard Chamberlain).

3. a: Kgalema Motlanthe (South Africa), b: Stephen Harper (Canada, obviously), c: Saeb Erekat (aide to Palestinian president  Mahmoud Abbas), d: George W Bush (USA), e: Gordon Brown (UK), f: Nicolas Sarkozy (France), g: Silvio Berlusconi (Italy).

4. 1997 (Elected in 1996).

5. All are/were left handed.

6. Limoges.

7. Copenhagen.

8. Minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

9. A mouse(225), a human(206), a horse(205).

10. Apple (They all signed for the Beatles label Apple Records).

11. Backgammon (the answer is obvious to some, annoying to others).

12. Parsley (from Pars for Persia).

13. Springfield (as in The Simpsons), Illinois,

14. Plaster.

15. Honolulu, Hawaii (also schooled AOL-founder Steve Case and eBay-founder Pierre Omidyar amongst many others).

16. b: Architect.

17. Goldfinger, Thunderball, Moonraker, Octopussy and Goldeneye.

18. Paris.

19. David Ginola.

20. Lightweight.

21. Infanta.

22. Sebastian Coe and Steve Cram.

23. V (Typewriter/Keyboard).

24. Mick Jagger.

25. "Magical Mystery Tour".

26. Hale-Bopp.

27. Mozart.


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