Pub Quiz 83

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1. Anagrams:
    a: Which famous person's full name is an anagram of "Oh Abuse! I am a brainsick"?
    b: and whose full name is an anagram of "Blush, War, Ogre, Geek"?
    c: which deputy's name is an anagram of "Bonnier, despite the job"?
    d: finally, a job title that is an anagram of "It's often super head!"?

2. Which fruit is a port city in Zaire: a. Guava, b. Orange, c. Banana or d. Ugli?

3. Cape Agalhas is the southern most point on which continent?

4. A baby bluewhale drinks how many litres of milk per day:  a. 6, b. 60, c. 600 or d. 6,000?

5. Maledictology is the study of what?

6. Plus or minus 10, what percentage of all E-mails are spam?

7. Which product, named after the city of its origin, is the most stolen product in Italian supermarkets?

8. F, U, Th , A, R and K are the first six letters of which alphabet?

9. Yul Brynner, Telly Savalas and Antonio Banderas have all played which role in film?

10. The four largest States of the USA in terms of area in decreasing order are Alaska, Texas, California and Montana. Which four come next in this list?

11. "Phoca sibirica" is the Latin name for which pinniped (fin-footed) animal?

12. Cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead wore T-shirts featuring the names of which two bands?

13. When a US American refers to "William and Mary", to what is he or she referring?

14. The following words are from which famous song: "In and out my life, You come and you go, Leaving just your picture behind, And I've kissed it a thousand times"?

15. Who's email address is chunkylover53 @

16. What is the full name (christian and surname) of the heroic pilot that managed to safely ditch Flight 1549 into the Hudson river, New York?

17. How are the following M-People better known? (Hint: their surnames all begin with the letter 'M').
    a. Singer Georgios Panayiotou
    b. Tycoon Ludvik Hoch
    c. Singer Roberta Joan Anderson
    d. Actress Ilynea Mironoff
    e. Comedian Harold Sargent
    f. Singer Barry Pincus
    g. Actress Norma Jean Baker
    h. Actor Reginald Truscott Jones
    i. Dame Helen Mitchell
    j. Actor Walter Williams

18. Which Italian product does one associate with each of the following words? 
    a. Carrera
    b. Murano

19. Who made the following quotes:
    a. The lady is not for turning
    b. Bugger Bogner
    c. Genius is 99% perspiration, and 1% inspiration
    d. Let them eat cake
    e. The ballot is stronger than the bullet
    f. Dr Livingstone I presume
    g. Religion is the opiate of the people
    h. They think its all over, it is now (1966)
    i. When I?m dead and opened you shall find Calais lying in my heart

20. In which year did Apple inc release their first model of the iPod??

21. What was James Bond's job title?

22. Which capital city has given its name to a type of rose, a metal, a small fruit, a breed of pigeon and a fabric?

23. Although most people attempt to avoid it, try as they may, those who suffer from Progeria syndrome can do nothing to prevent it. What is the symptom of Progeria syndrome?

24. Which company did Sergey Mikhailovich Brin co-found?


1. a: Barack Hussein Obama II, b: George Walker Bush, c: Joseph Robinette Biden, d: President of the USA.

2. c. Banana.

3. Africa

4. c. 600 litres.

5. Swear words.

6. 71%.

7. Parmesan cheese (Parmigiano-Reggiano).

8. Runic

9. Pancho Villa.

10. New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado. (followed by Oregon and Wyoming).

11. (Baikal) Seal (a species of earless seal endemic to Lake Baikal in Siberia).

12. AC/DC and Metallica.

13. A University (The College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia).

14. I can't help myself (Sugar pie honey bunch) - The Four Tops.

15. Homer Simpson.

16. (Captain) Chesley B "Sully" Sullenberger III.

17. a. George Michael, b. Robert Maxwell, c. Joni Mitchell, d. Helen Mirran, e. Max Miller, f. Barry Manilow, g. Marilyn Monroe, h. Ray Milland, i. Dame Nellie Melba, j. Bill Maynard.

18. a. marble and b. glass.

19. a. Margaret Thatcher, b. King George V, c. Thomas Edison, d. Marie Antoinette, e. Abraham Lincoln, f. Henry Stanley, g. Karl Marx, h. Kenneth Wolstenholme, i. Mary I.

20. 2001 (launched on October 23, 2001).

21. Intelligence Officer (Not a Secret Agent as many think).

22. Damascus, Syria (Damask, Damascene, Damson, Damascene, Damask)

23. Physical aging is greatly accelerated

24. Google - together with Larry Page.


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