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1. Which famous man was known as "Barry O'Bomber" at school due to his basketball prowess?

2. Francis Rossi and Ronnie Wood have both lost which part of their face?

3. In 1985, Sting sang guest vocals on which "relatively" best- selling album for a group of troublemakers?

4. The US state of California borders the Pacific Ocean, the Mexican state of Baja California and which three other US States?

5. In Greek mythology, who was known as a divine hero, the son of the ruler of Mount Olympus and the nephew of Amphitryon?

6. Who am I? I was a English poet, novelist and jazz critic and was offered the Poet Laureateship following the death of John Betjeman, but declined the post.

7. Canopus, Rigel, Regulus and Procyon are all examples of what?

8. In which country can one find (spell it out) "Agencja Wywiadu", the Foreign Intelligence Agency

9. What connects the actors Lon Chaney, Charles Laughton and Anthony Quinn?

10. Chemakum, Akkadian, Carian, Illinois, Cumbric and Hadramautic are all examples of what?

11. Six lists of twenty-one Christian names from both sexes, sorted alphbetically, each name in each list beginning with a different letter. Each list is reusd every six years. Explain.

12. Which gemstone is said to be the birthstone for May?

13. The first guide dog training schools were established in which European country (shortly after World war I)?

14. Cliff Richard entered the Eurovision Song Contest in which years?

15. The following are the nicknames of which famous footballers (soccer players)? For an extra point per answer, give their nationality:
    a: Short fat Mueller (Kleiner dicker Mueller)
    b: Razor
    c: Duracell
    d: Little Buddha AND Divine Ponytail    
    e: Asian Maradona
    f: Baby-Faced Assassin

16. "Time and Materials" by Robert Hass and "Failure" by Philip Schultz both won what in 2008?

17. What do kangaroos, anteaters and seahorses all have in common?

18. Where do/did the following ethnic groups live?
    a: The Brong
    b: Chinookan
    c: Lemkos
    d: Nenets
    e: Oromo
    f: Sammarinese

19. Which famous Russian city was called Tsaritsyn between 1598 and 1925?

20. Which famous winger (footballer / soccer player) died on the 25th of November, 2005?

21. Royal Liverpool, BBC, Berlin, Russian National and National Youth are all examples of what?

22. What do the following British TV shows have in common: Pop Idol, Please Sir, Trigger Happy TV, The Office, Home to Roost and George and Mildred?

23. Plus or minus two million, it is estimated that how many Indian girls have been killed by their parents over the last twenty years? (Both female foeticide and female infanticide).

24. Risk, Monopoly and Cluedo are all board games that were first introduced in the UK by which board games company?

25. What do the following Popes have in common: Felix II (356-357), Boniface VII (974, 984-985), John XVI (997-998), Benedict X (1058-1059) and Alexander V (1409-1410)?

26. Slovenia has borders with four other countries. Name them.

27. In Japan it is called JAXA. What is the American equivalent?

28. In the TV series "The Simpsons", what was the secret ingredient of Homer's cocktail, "The Flaming Homer" (which later became "The Flaming Moe")?

29. Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world (1,637m / 5,369ft). In which country can one find Lake Baikal?

30. The Caspian Sea is said to be the largest lake in the world by area. Which five countries border it?

31. The Ashgabat earthquake measured 7.3 on the Richter scale and is one of the deadliest earthquakes on record. In which country is Ashgabat?

32. 2P/Encke is the official name of the second to be discovered. 1P is therefore the first. What is the full title of first , ie; 1P/______.

33. India is bounded by three bodies of water. Name them.

34. Which Greek Philosopher first argued for a spherical Earth using lunar eclipses and other observations?

35. Who, in 1796, was the first doctor to introduce and study the smallpox vaccine?

36. What is the name of the fictional country that is inhabited by dwarves called Oompa Loompas and is full of extremely dangerous creatures called Snozzwangers, Hornswogglers, Verminous Knids, and wicked Whangdoodles?

37. Which was the only French side to win the UEFA Champions League title? For a bonus point, in which stadium was the final held?

38. By what name was the property development in the Ozark backwoods of Arkansas in which Bill Clinton was involved known?

39. What do Margaret Kempson and Margaret Roberts have in common?

40. What unit of length was used in the bible? 


1. Barack Obama, US Politician

2. Nasal Septum - part of their nose, due to drug abuse

3. Brothers in Arms - (Dire Straits)

4. Oregon, Nevada, Arizona

5. Heracles (or Herakles)

6. Philip Larkin

7. Bright stars

8. Poland

9. They have all played the hunchback of Notre Dame

10. Extinct languages

11. Hurricane names (in the North Atlantic)

12. Emerald

13. Germany

14. 1968 and 1973

15. Six Answers: 
    a: Gerd M?ller (German) 
    b: Neil Ruddock (English) 
    c: Pavel Nedved (Czech) 
    d: Roberto Baggio (Italian) 
    e: Ali Karimi (Iranian) 
    f: Ole Gunnar Solskj?r (Norwegian)

16. The Pulitzer prize (for poetry)

17. Pouches to carry their young

18. Six Answers: 
    a: Ghana and C?te d'Ivoire (formerly Ivory Coast) 
    b: USA (Columbia River valley in Washington and Oregon) 
    c: Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia 
    d: Russia 
    e: Ethiopia 
    f: San Marino

19. Volgograd (was also called Stalingrad between 1925 and 1961)

20. George Best 

21. Symphony orchestras.

22. They have all been remade for American Television.

23. 10,000,000.

24. Waddingtons, which is now owned by Hasbro.

25. They were Antipopes: An antipope is a person who makes a widely accepted claim to be the lawful pope, in opposition to the pope recognized by the Roman Catholic Church.

26. Italy to the west, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast, and Austria to the north.

27. NASA. (JAXA is the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency).

28. Children's Cough Syrup (specifically: Krusty's Non-Narkotik Kough Syrup For Kids).

29. Russia (Siberia) - It's famous for holding a volume of water larger than that of all the great lakes combined.

30. Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran.

31. Turkmenistan.

32. 1P/Halley - Halley's comet, discovered by Edmund Halley.

33. The Indian Ocean on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west, and the Bay of Bengal on the east.

34. Aristotle, in 350 BC.

35. Edward Jenner.

36. Loompaland, from Roald Dahl's 1964 children's book, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

37. Olympique de Marseille (1992/93) in the Olympiastadion, Munich, Germany.

38. Whitewater.

39. Both married Dennis Thatcher.

40. The cubit. 


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