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1. Which animal is usually used to depict the eternal Ouroboros symbol?

2. A very very successful band and the name given to a Coptic bishop. One word.

3. With the aid of the year in which the song was released and the last word in the song title, try to name some of the worst songs ever made according to various readers polls from around the world. For example. released in 1986, last word in title "Countdown" answer The Final Countdown. 
    a. released in 1999, last word in title "Prayer" 
    b. released in 2000, last word in title "Out" 
    c. released in1997, last word in title "Oh"

4. The following are the first words to which songs? 1 point for each correct answer 
    a. It was the 3rd of September, that day I'll always remember 
    b. It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy dusty delta day

5. "As the snow flies" are the first words to which sad mega hit from 1969?

6. The founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant won the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901. How many times has The International Committee for the Red Cross won the Nobel Peace Prize (as of 2009)?

7. There is a famous photograph of Hiroshima resident Kengo Nikawa's broken pocket watch. The watch stopped the moment the atom bomb exploded. What time did his world come to an end on that fateful morning? (plus or minus 1 min)

8. Name the four countries in the world starting with the letter T that are Red Crescent Societies. 1 pt for each correct answer

9. The RMS Titanic picked up passengers in which three ports before its ill fated collision with an iceberg? 1 pt for each correct answer

10. The Italian pasta named farfalle is derived from the Italian word farfalla. A farfalla is what kind of animal in Italy? 
    a. Bumblebee 
    b. Ladybird 
    c. Butterfly

11. As of 2007, which country has the fastest growing population in Europe? 
    a. Ireland 
    b. Sweden 
    c. Portugal 
    d. Holland

12. Which two symbols are found on the Red Cross flag in Russia?

13. Depending on how it is pronounced, which low or edible strait separates Tasmania from mainland Australia?

14. Russia and European Overseas Territories excluded, in which six European countries would you find active volcanoes? 1 pt for each correct answer

15. With 75,600 km, which continent has the longest coastline?

16. If one includes Russia, what are the three longest rivers in Europe? 1 pt for each correct answer

17. The Drake Passage separates which two continents?

18. Plus or Minus 5 %, what procentage of the planet Earth is covered by land?

19. The highest tides in the world are found in which Canadian Bay?

20. Which remote and hostile place starting with the letter A is considered to be the largest desert in the world?

21. The mighty Amazon river. A native word for the river translated means which of the following? 
    a. Ocean Child b. Swift or c. Boat Destroyer

22. What is the symptom of Podobromhidrosis?

23. Which American President was the first American to send an air mail letter?    
    a. Franklin D Roosevelt 
    b. Abraham Lincoln 
    c. George Washington 
    d. Woodrow Wilson

24. Which spiritual, religious or philosophical 'ism' claims everything, including your pint of Guinness, has a soul? First letter "A"

25. What is a Sally Lightfoot?

26. In which language do each of the following mean 'Thank you'? 1 pt for each correct answer 
    a. arigoto 
    b. spasiba 
    c. shukran 
    d, obrigado

27. "Who the hell is John F Kennedy?" is a line from which very popular 1985 science fiction film?

28. Which Part II film was the first to win the Oscar for Best Picture?

29. In which films did each of the following actors play Robin Hood? 1 point for each correct answer 
    a. Sean Connery 
    b. John Cleese

30. In which films would you find the following doctors? 1 pt for each correct answer
    a. Dr. John MacEntyre 
    b. Dr. John Hammond 
    c. Dr. Zira

31. Who was the first movie star to grace the cover of a postage stamp?

32. What name is given to the liquid extracted in brewerys after malted barley is mashed? 1 word, 4 letters  


1. The snake. Swallowing its own tail.

2. Abba

3. Three Answers:
    a. Millennium Prayer (Cliff Richard),
    b. Who Let The Dogs Out (Baha Men),
    c. Teletubbies Say Eh Oh (Teletubbies),

4. Two answers 
    a. Papa was a rolling stone and 
    b. Ode to Billie Joe

5. In the Ghetto

6. Three times. 1917, 1944 and 1963

7. 8:15 (am) 8.15. 57 sec exactly

8. Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey and Turkmenistan

9. Southampton, Cherbourg and Queenstown (Cobh)

10. c. Butterfly

11. a. Ireland

12. The Red Cross and the Red Crescent 

13. Bass Strait

14. Iceland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Norway.

15. North America

16. Volga, Danube and Ural

17. Antarctic and South America

18. 29 %

19. Bay of Fundy

20. Antarctic

21. c. Boat Destroyer

22. A malodorous and offensive perspiration of the feet. Smelly feet.

23. C. George Washington (via hot air balloon).

24. Animism

25. A type of crab. (Red Rock Crab)

26. Four answers:
    a. Japanese,
    b. Russian
    c. Arabic,
    d. Portuguese

27. Back to the Future

28. The Godfather (Part II)

29. Two answers 
    a. Robin and Marion 
    b. Time Bandits

30. Three answers:
    a. M:A.S.H,
    b. Jurassic Park
    c. Planet of the Apes

31. Grace Kelly

32. Wort


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