Pub Quiz 129

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1. Which Oscar winning film ends with the closing of a round door?

2. Goodwin Austen is better known under which shorter name?

3. Which comfortable form of transportation was first designed in the Hungarian town of Kocs around 1500 AD?

4. According to the US census bureau, what are the 5 most common male first names in the USA?

5. Instead of their national anthems, which joyful song was played at the 1968 winter Olympics for winners from both East and West Germany?

6. In which EU country do ducks say coin coin instead of quack quack?

7. How quickly we forget. Which female singer had a 1980s hit with the following songs?
    a. Self Control (1984)
    b. Drop the Pilot (1983)
    c. Circle in the Sand (1988)
    d. Let's Hear it for the Boy (1984)
    e. Tell it to my Heart (1988)
    f. Luka (1987)
    g. Invisible (1984)

8. Who apparently said "If one enemy bomb falls on Berlin you can call me Meier"?

9. Which controversial Stanley Kubrick film was the first film with Dolby Sound?

10. 'Salto Angel' in South America is better known as what to most English speakers?

11. Fort Knox. Where the gold is. The following is the official name. What is the missing word?
    The United States ................. Depository

12. Which man made the first successful smallpox vaccination in 1796?

13. Which Robbie Williams album title is a parody of Neil Armstrong's famous first words on the moon?

14. Plus or minus 1 year, when did the Boeing 747 'Jumbo' first enter commercial service?

15. In film, who wrote the tale 'There and back again'?

16. What did Charles de Gaulle say was invented by the British just to annoy the French?

17. What is the 'Pitman System'?

18. In which films does Michael Caine play the following officers?
    a. Col Kurt Steiner
    b. Lt Gonville Bromhead
    c. Lt Col John O. E. Vandeleur
    d. Capt John Colby
    e. Squadron Leader Canfield

19. What common produce is estimated to take a million years to decompose?

20. Which Soviet spy organisation found in some Bond films actually existed?

21. One Manchester United league match in the seventies had an attendance of 14,000. 42,000 lower than any other.  Why?

22. Which one of the eight Welsh counties has none of the five English vowels in its name?


1 Lord Of The Rings, The Return Of The King

2. K2

3. A horse drawn coach. The word coach derives from Kocs.

4. James, John, Robert, Michael and William.

5. Ode to Joy. From Beethoven's 9th symphony.

6. France

7. Seven answers
    a. Laura Branigan
    b. Joan Armatrading
    c. Belinda Carlisle
    d Deniece Williams
    e Taylor Dayne
    f. Suzanne Vega
    g. Alison Moyet

8. Herman Goering

9. A Clockwork Orange

10. Angel Falls

11. Bullion

12. Edward Jenner

13. The Ego Has Landed

14. 1970

15. Bilbo Baggins

16. Belgium

17. A form of shorthand writing

18. Five answers
    a. The Eagle Has Landed
    b. Zulu
    c. A Bridge Too Far
    d. Escape To Victory
    e. Battle Of Britain

19. Glass bottles (some online sources quote chewing gum as another product that virtually does not decompose, this is now believed to be an urban myth - in 5 years chewing gum is no more)

20. SMERSH (Death to Spies)

21. The Man United game v Everton game was changed at short notice from tuesday evening to tuesday afternoon due to a ban on floodlights due to the Miners strike.

22. Clywd (both Y and W are vowels in Welsh)


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