Pub Quiz 142

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1. What were the names of the two largest Open Air Concerts in the USA in 1969?

2. What is the name of the giant frog that can grow up to 33 centimetres in length? 

3. What colour is vermilion?
    a. an orange red pigment
    b. a blue green pigment
    c. a yellow brown pigment

4. Which symphony plays a stirring role in the film 'The Longest Day'?

5. The World Championship in what has been held each year since 1932 in Tinsley Green West Sussex? Clue, if you misplace these some might consider you to be mentally unbalanced.

6. In many countries around the world an OVNI is what?

7. Measured in area, what is by far the largest of UNESCO's World Heritage sites?

8. According to the Wings song 'Band on the run', "All I need is a (what?) a day".

9. In which cult film would you find King Kong, Bat Guano and Jack D. Ripper?

10. Which famous singer was an apprentice for the then third division Brentford F.C.?

11. What was the name of the march led by
    a. Mao Zedong
    b. Mohandas Gandhi?

12. In US naval slang, what is a ballistic submarine called?

13. Which four Italians have scored six or more goals at the FIFA Football World Cup?

14. The largest pre atomic age explosion laid which harbour city to waste on Thursday, December 6th, 1917?

15. The following words are from songs with the word 'heart' in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. Once I had a love and it was a gas
    b. Breezing through the clientele spinning yarns that were so lyrical
    c. I've been to Hollywood
    d. The sun is out the sky is blue
    e. My expectations may be high I blamed it own my youth
    f. Move yourself
    g. Every time you go away I always say this time it's goodbye dear

16. What do the seven rays or spikes on the crown of the Statue of Liberty apparently stand for?

17. Which Royal Navy Captain wrote in 1804 "I call the whole island Australia, or Terra Australis"?

18. Which man is the most famous sanguivore in film history?

19. During the 1960s there were five bands or singers with five or more number one hits in the UK charts. Can you name them? One point for each correct answer

20. Which notorious harbour city and den of iniquity sank at 11.43 am, June 7, 1692?


1. Woodstock and Altamont

2. Goliath

3. a. an orange red pigment

4. Beethoven's 5th

5. Marbles. 'You've lost your marbles'

6. A 'U.F.O'

7. The Great Barrier Reef

8. Pint. "All I need is a pint a day"

9. Dr. Strangelove (or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb)

10. Rod Stewart

11. Two answers
    a. The Long March
    b. The Salt March

12. A 'boomer'.

13. Roberto 'the divine pony tail' Baggio (9), Paolo Rossi (9), Christian Vieri (9) and Salvatore 'Toto' Schillaci (6).

14. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

15. Seven answers
    a. Heart of Glass (Blondie)
    b. You're in my heart (Rod Stewart)
    c. Heart of Gold (Neil Young)
    d. Raining in my heart (Buddy Holly)
    e. A good heart (Feargal Sharkey)
    f. Owner of a lonely heart (Yes)
    g. Anyone who had a heart (Cilla Black Dionne Warwick)

16. The seven seas

17. Matthew Flinders

18. Dracula ('sanguivore' means 'bloodsucker')

19. The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and The Shadows

20. Port Royal Jamaica


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