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1. On the flag of which country are all of the following represented? Peace, Winter and Summer, Spring and Autumn, East and West, North and South, Moon and Sun, Heaven and Earth, Man and Woman, Night and Day and Fire and Water.

2. Which band did not have hits with songs like 'Blue Suede Schubert', 'Cheese and Onions' and 'Back in 64'?

3. What was the name of the famous dancer who wore a banana skirt while performing the 'Danse sauvage'?

4. In the film 'Godzilla vs Biollante', our hero battles a 120 metre high, 220,000 tonne mutant what?
    a. tuna fish
    b. silk worm
    c. rose

5. The Portuguese football star Ronaldo was named after which man?

6. What name was given to the student army in China during the 'Cultural Revolution'?

7. With one word complete the title of the following Robert Ludlum novels.
    a. The Scarlatti
    b. The Osterman
    c. The Holcroft

8. Fred Perry was the first man to win all four Grand Slam events in tennis. In which other sport was he World Champion?

9. In 1838 the Sirius became the first ship to hold the Blue Riband for the fastest Atlantic crossing. Plus or minus four days, how long did the westward crossing take?

10. What kind of music is literally good news?

11. JRR Tolkien, Pope John Paul II, Anthony Burgess, Friedrich Engels and Paul Robeson are a few examples of men who were fluent in many languages. Which word beginning with the letter 'P' describes such a person?

12. In which book do two countries go to war over the best way to open a soft boiled egg?

13. Which vegetable is usually found in an 'A la Florentine' dish?

14. The Stereoscope, introduced in 1844 by David Brewster, is believed to have been the world's first example of what?

15. The following words are from songs with the word 'Blue' in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer
    a. Tell me no secrets, tell me some lies
    b. Drink my liquor from an old fruit jar
    c. Warmer than May her tender sighs
    d. There's a fog upon L.A.
    e. She got a camouflaged face and no money
    f. She was workin' in a topless place and I stepped in for a beer
    g. Love is like a dying ember
    h. Please tell us why you had to hide away for so long

16. The name of which popular Chinese snack translated means 'a little bit of heart'?

17. What is the longest Pink Floyd song title?

18. In which films did Paul Newman play the following roles?
    a. Henry Gondorff
    b. Reggie 'Reg' Dunlop
    c. Eddie Felson
    d. John Russell
    e. Brick Pollitt

19. The name of which heavenly device is the Latin word for bodyguard or attendant?

20. Other than nutmeg, what is the name of the other spice derived from the Myristica fragrans or Nutmeg tree?


1. South Korea

2. The Rutles

3. Josephine Baker

4. c. rose

5. Ronald Reagan (his father's favourite actor)

6. Red Guards

7. Three answers
    a. The Scarlatti Inheritance
    b. The Osterman Weekend
    c. The Holcroft Covenant

8. Table tennis

9. 18 days, 14 hours, 22 minutes

10. Gospel

11. Polyglot

12. Gulliver's Travels

13. Spinach

14. 3D Camera, able to take three-dimensional pictures.

15. Eight answers
    a. Don't it make my brown eyes blue (Crystal Gayle)
    b. Blue suede shoes (Elvis)
    c. Blue Velvet (Bobby Vinton)
    d. Blue Jay Way (Beatles)
    e. Blue Jean (David Bowie)
    f. Tangled up in blue (Bob Dylan)
    g. Blue eyes crying in the rain (Willie Nelson)
    h. Mr. Blue Sky (ELO)

16. Dim Sum

17. Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a Pict.

18. Five answers
    a. The Sting
    b. Slap Shot
    c. The Hustler or The Color of Money
    d. Hombre
    e. Cat on a hot tin roof

19. Satellite

20. Mace


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