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1. A novel, a singer and a best picture winning Oscar film. Two words.
2. Which Russian word beginning with the letter B means great or large?
3. Name the three films that have won the Oscar for best picture with a city in the film title. One point for each correct answer.
4. Which country with a land mass of 9.6 million square kilometres has just one time zone?
5. Where in the human body is the LUNULA located?
6. What kind of storm is an HABOOB?
7. The car in the Knightrider series was called KITT. What does this acronymn stand for?
8. With the exception of The Sound Of Music (the original soundtrack), only three bands or singers had a number one album in the UK charts in 1965. Can you name the bands or singers? One point for each correct answer.
9. What is the English equivalent of the Welsh word "Popty Ping"?
10. The following words are from songs with the word 'My' in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight
    b. His welfare is my concern, no burden is he to bear
    c. Good evening and welcome to Slaggers featuring Dennis O'Bell
    d. Though I'm dressed in rags I'll wear sable someday
    e. She ain't got no money and her clothes are kinda funny
    f. Tom cat you know where it's at, come on let's go to my flat
11. One of the most expensive paintings ever sold is titled 'No 5, 1948'. Who painted it?
12. Since 1992, in which country have the most journalists been killed?
13. Which music commemorates the Battle of Borodino?
14. The animal "Struthio camelus", which can grow to nine feet (2.7 metres) tall, can be trained to successfully herd sheep. What is the more common name of this animal?
15. According to the most famous legend, what was the last song played by the band aboard the Titanic?
16. Name the three seas that surround North and South Korea. One point for each correct answer.
17. Canadian born singer songwriter Andy Kim had a mega hit on both sides of the Atlantic in 1974 with the song 'Rock Me Gently'. His biggest hit however was a song he wrote for another band years earlier. The song was the 'Billboard single of the year' in 1969 and also spent eight weeks at number 1 in the UK charts. Can you name the tasty ditty?
18. The British public recently took it upon themselves to move the book from which famous man to the crime section in bookshops across the country?
19. Which male tennis player lost a record four US Open singles finals in 1976, 78, 80 and 81?
20. The flag of which country: Fourteen alternating red and white stripes along the fly and a blue canton bearing a crescent and a 14-point star.


1. Tom Jones

2. Bolshoi
3. Casablanca, An American in Paris, Chicago
4. China
5. Fingernail (it is the white crescent shape at the base of the finger nail)
6. A sand or dust storm
7. Knight Industries Two Thousand
8. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan
9. Microwave oven
10. Six answers
    a. Losing my religion (REM)
    b. He ain't heavy (he's my brother) (Hollies)
    c. You know my name (look up the number) (Beatles)
    d. It's my life (Animals)
    e. Love grows where my Rosemary goes (Edison Lighthouse)
    f. My coo ca choo (Alvin Stardust)
11. Jackson Pollock
12. Iraq (source: CPJ 'Committee to Protect Journalists)
13. The 1812 Overture
14. The ostrich
15. Abide with me
16. Yellow Sea, South China Sea and The Sea of Japan
17. Sugar Sugar
18. Tony Blair, "Journey"
19. Bjorn Borg
20. Malaysia


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