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1. The name of which music style translated means 'new wave'?
2. Which New York City street is synonymous with the US advertising industry?
3. What is the only landlocked country in South East Asia?
4. Which famous film title is also the Mexican name for the river known in the USA as 'Rio Grande'?
5. In September 2010, former steelworker Philippe Croizon swam the English Channel, completing the challenge in just less than 14 hours. The record at that time stood at 6 hours, 57 minutes and 50 seconds, so why was Croizon's crossing so amazing?
6. What is the Greek root for 'soul'?
7. One can buy whole leaf grade tea labeled SFTGFOP. What do the letters stand for?
8. In which film did Sir Laurence Olivier play?
    a. A Nazi war criminal named Dr. Christian Szell
    b. An aging Jewish Nazi hunter named Ezra Lieberman
    c. Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess
9. Blüthner, Erard, Chickering, Broadwood, Beckstein, Heintzman and Cristofori are all famous examples of what?
10. Borrowed words used in the English language:
    a: German word meaning "spirit of the times" - nine letters
    b: Scandinavian originating word meaning "a hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material" - six letters
    c: Swedish and Old Norse word for "commissary", "representative" and "steward" - nine letters, second letter 'M'
    d: The German word for "health" - ten letters
    e: Swedish word meaning "a meal served buffet-style" - eleven letters, second letter 'M', last letter 'D'.
    f: Russian word meaning "way" or "journey" and literally translated is "travelling companion" - seven letters
    g: A meringue dessert named after a Russian ballet dancer -
11. The first official international cricket match was held in 1844 between two countries not known for their cricketing history or prowess. Can you name the two countries? One point for each correct answer.
12. The following words are from songs with the word 'Day' in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
    a. The English army had just won the war
    b. You gave me all your loving and your turtle doving
    c. The only time I feel alright is by your side
    d. She calls out to the man on the street "Sir can you help me?"
    e. Only you beneath the moon or under the sun whether near to me or far
    f. Feed the animals in the zoo, then later a movie too
13. Which modern scientific word is Latin for 'amount'? (7 letters)
14. In which animated Disney films would one find the following characters? One point for each correct answer.
    a. Pumba
    b. Si & Am
    c. Pongo
    d. Edna E. Mode
15. The Russian Federation has land borders with fourteen countries, name them. Four points for all fourteen, two points for nine or more, one point for more than five.
16. The Australian Maria Ann Smith was responsible for which popular pomaceous product?
17. Which planet in our solar system is named after the Roman god of, amongst other things, commerce and thievery?
18. Who released the following No. 1 UK albums in 1975? One point for each correct answer.
    a. Physical Graffiti
    b. Venus And Mars
    c. Atlantic Crossing
    d. Once Upon A Star
19. The name of which very large company is an acronym of the founders name, the farm where he grew up, and his home parish?
20. The three key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete can be used to reboot your personal computer or to summon its task manager. Computer geeks sometimes use which expression from the Star Trek TV series to descibe this?


1. Bossa Nova

2. Madison Avenue

3. Laos

4. Rio Bravo
5. He is a quadruple amputee
6. Psych

7. Special Finest Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe

8. Three answers
    a. Marathon Man
    b. The Boys From Brazil
    c. Wild Geese II

9. Piano builders or pianos

10. Seven answers
    a: Zeitgeist (lit; the trend at that time)
    b: Wicker (such as in basketry)
    c: Ombudsman
    d: Gesundheit
    e: Smorgasbord
    f: Sputnik
    g: Pavlova (Anna Pavlova)
11. Canada and the USA
12. Six answers
    a. A Day In The Life (Beatles)
    b. That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)
    c. All Day And All Of The Night (Kinks)
    d. Another Day In Paradise (Phil Collins)
    e. Night And Day (Cole Porter)
    f. Perfect Day (Lou Reed)
13. Quantum

14. Four answers
    a. The Lion King
    b. The Lady & the Tramp
    c. 101 Dalmations
    d. The Incredibles

15. Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland (both via Kaliningrad Oblast), Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, and North Korea.
Not included are its maritime borders with Japan (Sea of Okhotsk) and the USA (Bering Strait)

16. The 'Granny Smith' apple

17. Mercury
18. Four answers
    a. Led Zeppelin
    b. Wings
    c. Rod Stewart
    d. Bay City Rollers

19. IKEA (Ingvar Kamprad, Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd)

20. Vulcan Nerve Pinch


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