Pub Quiz 182

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1. Which male animal is called a Tom or a Jake?

2. What is the well-known Arabic word for 'The Island' or 'The Peninsula'?

3. Which two semaphoric letters are found on the iconic 1960s peace symbol?

4. Duffel bags and Duffel coats. In whic EU country is the town Duffel located?

5. Alec Guinness, Robert Carlyle, Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen have all played which 20th century historical figure?

6. A bicycle manufacturer, a US state capital and a county in West Virginia are all named after which Englishman?

7. In which Asian country is the coldest capital city in the world? (based on the mean annual daily temperature)

8. Based on the total amount of visitors each year, name the eight most popular museums in the world? One point for each correct answer.

9. The unrest in which Asian country in 2007 was called 'The Safran Revolution'?

10. The following are the last words to which number one UK hit songs from 1970? One point for each correct answer.
     a. Nobody knows like me
     b. I will ease your mind
     c. Go to the place that's the best
     d. And we got to get ourselves back to the garden
     e. Go back where you been

11. With 202,080 km, which country has the longest coastline in the world?
     a. Australia  b. Indonesia  c. Russia  d. Canada

12. According to the UN (2007 stats), in which four countries are the most people executed each year? One point for each correct answer.

13. The 1994 FIFA World Cup final was played in Pasadena. What is the name of the stadium?

14. Dirk, Ka-bar, Sykes-Fairbairn, Kukri and Basilard are all examples of what?

15. In which country were the following musicians born? One point for each correct answer.
     a. Freddie Mercury
     b. Joe Strummer
     c. Engelbert Humperdinck
     d. Manfred Mann
     e. Stewart Copeland
     f. Chris de Burgh
     g. Eddie van Halen

16. Which country is bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south? For a bonus point, what is the currency of this country called?

17. What does Agflation mean?

18. What is the largest peninsula in the world?

19. What is the name of the exotic fruit that takes the shape of a five pointed star when cut across the middle?

20. Which pre Italian Renaissance painter could draw a perfect circle and had a European space mission named after him?


1. Turkey

2. Al-Jazeera

3. N (Nuclear) and D (Disarmament)

4. Belgium

5. Adolf Hitler

6. Sir Walter Raleigh

7. Mongolia (Ulaan-baatar)

8. In order; The Louvre, Centre Pompidou (Paris), Tate Modern (London), British Museum (London), Metropolitan Museum (New York), National Gallery (Washington), Vatican Museum, National Gallery (London)

9. Myanmar (Burma)

10. Five answers
     a. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) (Edison Lighthouse)
     b. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Simon & Garfunkel)
     c. Spirit In The Sky (Norman Greenbaum)
     d. Woodstock (Matthew's Southern Comfort)
     e. I hear You Knocking (Dave Edmund's Rockpile)

11. d. Canada

12. In order; China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

13. Rose Bowl

14. Knives

15. Seven answers
     a. Zanzibar
     b. Turkey
     c. India
     d. South Africa
     e. Egypt
     f. Argentina
     g. Holland

16. Nicaragua, and the currency is the Cordoba

17. An increase in the price of food

18. Arabian Peninsula

19. Carambola

20. Giotto


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