Pub Quiz 8

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1. A Retifist has a fetish about what?

2. Ernest Breaux, a chemist, created which product in 1921?

3. What flower's name derives from the Greek word for testicle?

4. What is measured with a Snodgrass grathodynamometer?

5. In what film were Aldeberan Antares Atair Rigel seen?

6. Wilhelm Beer and Johan von Madler made the first good map of where back in 1830?

7. What is a pismire?

8. Harry Allen and Robert Stewart were both made redundant in Britain in the 1960s. What Jobs did they do?

9. A Primagravida is what?

10. What links Steve McQueen, cricket legend Ian Botham and Spike Milligan?

11. Sylvester Stallone film that shares it's name with a Paris art movement. Five letters

12. Who first appeared in the film A Tale of two Kitties in 1942?

13. What links Yul Bryner, Burt Lancaster, WC Fields and Joe E Brown?

14. A musical instrument and the French word for paper clip.

15. In Chinese mythology what is Taimut?

16. Rams Horn, Wandering Bladder, Prickly Herald are all types of what?

17. Word for 'slight of hand', comes from the French for nimble finger. 16 letters.

18. Who was found dead in Hollywood's Landmark Hotel 4 Oct 1970?

19. What does an Acomoclitic person fanticise over?

20. Spanakopia is a Greek pie filled with what?


1. Shoes

2. Channel No 5

3. Orchid

4. Strength of Shark Bites

5. Ben Hur - horses on his chariot

6. The Moon

7. An ant

8. Official Hangmen - Harry Allen and Robert Leslie Stewart (who were the last two hangmen of Britain) performed their last act simultaneously on the 13th of August 1964 at different prisons. Thanks to Alan Jameson for correcting this question.
Allen's most controversial case was that of James Hanratty, hanged on 4 April 1962 at Bedford Prison for the A6 murder case, although efforts to clear Hanratty's name continued until 2001 when DNA testing matched Hanratty to the crime scene

9. First Pregnancy

10. They are all really called Terence

11. Cobra

12. Tweety Pie

13. They were all Circus Performers

14. Trombone

15. A Dragon

16. Freshwater Snails

17. Prestidigitation

18. Janis Joplin

19. Shaven pubic hair

20. (Saut?ed) Spinach


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