Pub Quiz 9

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1. Who does the Beatles song "The fool on the Hill" refer too?

2. A golfer can only do it for five minutes - what?

3. Pulque is a beer made from what?

4. What does one do with a hassock?

5. True or false, when drunk, an ant always falls on its left side?

6. Lucus Dominitus Ahenobarbus was better known as who?

7. Which beer was first advertised as "it gets you drunk" then later as "good for you"?

8. Lois Maxwell became well know for playing which role?

9. Chiuhauha dogs were originally bred for what?

10. Harp, Elephant and Leopard all types of what?

11. The British stamp, the "penny red" was the first postage stamp in the world to have what?

12. Black, whooper and Berwick all varieties of what?

13. What is a peruke?

14. What is a male guinea pig called?

15. What is a zinfandel?

16. What colour is angelica?

17. Collective nouns - what profession gather in a bench?

18. Eric Claudin is better known by which eponymous title?

19. What ingredient is always found in a carciofo sauce?

20. A Blue Imperial and a New Zealand white are both types of what?


1. Galileo

2. Look for his lost balls

3. Cactus / Cacti

4. Kneel on it in church

5. False, it falls on it's right side!

6. Nero

7. Guinness

8. Moneypenny in early Bond films

9. Tasty meat / To eat

10. Seal

11. Perforations

12. Swan

13. A wig

14. A boar

15. White grape variety

16. Green

17. Bishops

18. The Phantom of the Opera

19. Artichokes

20. Rabbit


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