Pub Quiz 10

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1. Which company is the largest toy distributor in the world?

2. Each day three thousand Americans do what for the first time?

3. Queen Elizabeth I of England had anthrophobia. What was she afraid of?

4. Chachi was a character in Happy days, what does Chachi mean in Korean?

5. DELAG was the worlds first what on October 16th 1909?

6. What animal's name comes from the Sanskrit "to steal"?

7. The Spanish word 'Esposa' means both wife and what?

8. Which book was given to all officers in the Confederate army?

9. What Canadian city has the most bars per capita?

10. Which author famously said "Sometimes, too much drink is barely enough"?

11. Hawaiian - Pia, Polish - Piwo, Hungarian - Sor - what is it?

12. Only humans and what other animal has hymens?

13. "Wimpy" was the working title / pre-release title of which classic horror movie?

14. Fried Chicken followed by Strawberry Shortcake is the traditional Christmas Eve meal in which country?

15. Cleopatra sometimes wore a fake what for Official Duties?

16. What pop group famously said "We're only in it for the volume"?

17. 73% of the world's what is produced _and consumed_ in the USA?

18. If you had APROSEXIA, what would be impaired or reduced?

19. The Chinese apple is another common name for which fruit?

20. What make and model of car was Christine in the book and film?


1. McDonalds, the fast food joint!

2. Start Smoking

3. Roses

4. Penis

5. Airline (Zeppelin)

6. Mouse - Musha

7. Handcuffs

8. Les Miserables

9. Halifax, Nova Scotia

10. Mark Twain

11. Beer, in their native languages

12. Horses

13. Psycho

14. Japan

15. Beard

16. Black Sabbath

17. Internet Pornography

18. Your ability to study/learn

19. Pomegranate

20. Plymouth Fury


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