Pub Quiz 11

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1. What do horses, rabbits and rats have in common?

2. Which first lady famously said "More people would be alive if we had a death penalty"?

3. How did Queen Victoria ease her menstrual cramp pain?

4. Vegetarians do what more than carnivores / omnivores?

5. In downtown Lima, Peru, there is a brass statue of which famous western character?

6. Volney has appeared in hundreds of movies. What animal is he?

7. A talus is what geographical feature?

8. JRR Tolkein wrote The Lord of the Rings. What the JRR stand for?

9. 30 million people in the USA have diasima - what is it?

10. What do the following have in common; Woodpecker Scalps, Porpoise Teeth, Giraffe Tails?

11. In Old English what is a frieosan?

12. English ships carried limes to protect sailors against scurvy. What did US ships carry?

13. Which awarded and sought after medal shows three naked men with hands on each others shoulders?

14. What was the only film about Vietnam made during the war?

15. What are the names of the two cats in Disney's The Lady and the Tramp?

16. Where would a soldier wear a Havelock?

17. Which airport has the code MME?

18. Clomipramine, an anti-depressant, had which unusual and notable side effect?

19. What is Xylography?

20. Jacque Cousteau's ship, Calypso, was used for which purpose before he obtained it?


1. They cannot vomit

2. Nancy Reagan

3. She used marijuana

4. Fart, pass wind etc

5. Winnie the Pooh

6. A lion, from the opening credits of an MGM film

7. Boulders fallen from a mountain

8. John Ronald Reuel

9. A gap in the front teeth

10. All have been used as currency

11. A sneeze

12. Cranberries

13. Nobel Peace Prize

14. The Green Berets

15. Si and Am

16. On his head in the desert

17. Marseilles, France

18. Orgasm when yawning

19. The art of Wood Engraving

20. Minesweeping


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