Pub Quiz 12

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1. Which word can mean any form of transport and the legal term for the transfer of property by way of deed?

2. What is the name of an auction, where the auctioneer starts at a high price, then comes down until he gets a bidder for the goods?

3. In which Australian state is Alice Springs?

4. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of what?

5. C17 H21 NO4 is the chemical formula for what?

6. LOT is the national airline of what country?

7. Bill Medly was part of what group?

8. Where was the first Miss World contest held in 1951?

9. Which unit of weight shares its name with the alternative name for a snow leopard?

10. Why was Clark Kent rejected military service during World War II?

11. What is the worlds most widely eaten fish?

12. Leonato is the main character in what Shakespeare play?

13. What was the name of the shepherd that got Tremponina Pallidium?

14. What sport was called Harpastum by the ancient Greeks?

15. What is a dhoti?

16. Which drink was designed as a malaria cure?

17. In 1929 the first what happened on an aircraft?

18. Where was Freddie Mercury born?

19. What is the three dimensional image created by laser beams called?

20. Which film star did Madness sing about?

21. Which of the Beatles was the first to have a solo Number 1 hit?


1. Conveyance

2. Dutch Auction

3. Northern Territory

4. Big words

5. Cocaine

6.  Poland

7. The Righteous Brothers

8. London

9. Ounce

10. Failed eye test

11. Herring

12. Much ado about Nothing

13. Syphilus

14. Football

15. An Indian male loincloth

16. Benedictine

17. Birth

18. Zanzibar

19. A Hologram

20. Michael Caine

21. George Harrison


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