Pub Quiz 13

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1. Who's first film (THX1138) flopped in 1971?

2. Bearbrass, founded by John Batman, was the original name of which city?

3. A computer programming language named after 17th century French mathematician?

4. The Soldiers Song is the National Anthem of what Country?

5. The French call it "La Mort aux Trousses", what is the title of the Alfred Hitchcock film in English?

6. What is Defecolagnia?

7. A girl's name, a pass made by a bullfighters cape and a Dutch radio station. Eight letters

8. What branch of mathematics is named for the Latin for pebble?

9. According to the poem who dug the grave for cock robin?

10. TV: what was the full name of the butler in "soap" - later became a spin-off?

11. What is a Paradiddle?

12. A Curofact is a sexual fetish about what?

13. Thumb Lock, Mongolian Release, Mediterranean Draw, what sport?

14. Who famously failed an audition for "Fame" because they were not pretty enough?

15. Gift question: What Musical instrument is named after the Greek for "wooden sound"?

16. What Hollywood star was the inspiration for Bugs Bunny?

17. In Iceland it is called "Glima", in Iran "Kushti", in Turkey "Yagli" and in Russia "Sambo", what?

18. What sporting trophy is named after the US secretary of war in the 1920s?

19. What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flask?

20. The Sea Cook was the original title of which very famous novel?

21. What type of creature is a Thickhead?

22. On which Mediterranean island was Napoleon Bonaparte born?


1. George Lucas

2. Melbourne

3. Pascal - Blaise Pascal

4. Republic of Ireland

5. North by Northwest

6. Sexual arousal whilst defecating

7. Veronica

8. Calculus

9. The Owl

10. Benson Dubois - spin-off was "Benson"

11. Drum Roll

12. Legs

13. Archery

14. Tom Cruise

15. Xylophone

16. Clark Gable

17. Wrestling

18. Davis Cup - after Dwight Filley Davis

19. Fiasco

20. Treasure Island

21. Bird

22. Corsica


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