Pub Quiz 31

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1. What popular party drink gets its name from Sanskrit meaning Five?

2. What type of creature is an Orb Weaver?

3. Whose autobiography was called Tall Dark and Gruesome?

4. In publishing what is the verso?

5. The British Raj in India lasted 90 years what does Raj literally mean?

6. What ancient buildings name means "Place for a Giant"?

7. What links Ciampino, Lod and Waalhaven?

8. John Tenniel drew the illustrations for what famous book?

9. Only two north American Indian tribes with three letters Wea and?

10. Admiral Horatio Nelson lost his arm at which battle?

11. In WW2 what was the British equivalent of the German E-Boat?

12. International car registration letters what country is RA?

13. Of what are Bristol, Rockingham, Chelsea, and Minton types?

14. According to the rhyme what's the fate of Wednesdays child?

15. What are or were Tester, Royal, Mark and Noble?

16. Bistre, Sorrel and Vandyke are shades of which colour?

17. If you were watching cricket at The Outer in which city are you?

18. You have a foursome and a shag what have you done?

19. What peoples name literally translates as ordinary?

20. What are the Anatolian, Atacama, Nafud and Zirreh?


1. Punch - originally 5 ingredients

2. Spider

3. Christopher Lee

4. Left page - Recto right page

5. Rule

6. Coliseum

7. Airports, Rome, Tel Aviv, Rotterdam

8. Alice in Wonderland

9. Fox

10. Tenerife

11. MTB or MotorTorpedo Boat

12. Argentina

13. Pottery Porcelain China

14. Full of Woe

15. Old English coins

16. Brown

17. Melbourne Australia

18. Dance, they are types of dance

19. Maori

20. Deserts


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