Pub Quiz 32

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1. Sam Weller was whose servant in a Dickens book?

2. Dandy Dinmont, Bedlington, Sealyham are what types of dog?

3. What is extracted from the ore caserite?

4. John Palmer is buried in York under what better known name?

5. In what country would you be rich in Leu?

6. What fruit can be Red, Black or White?

7. Churchill, Iroquois, Owen and Smiths are all what?

8. A company called Symbol owns the patent to what common item?

9. What famous landmark can you find on Mount Cook?

10. Every twelve seconds in the USA someone does what in a Holiday Inn?

11. Who rode a horse called Lamri?

12. Hera in Greece, Juno in Rome, Goddesses of what?

13. In Japan what is an obi?

14. What is unusual about The lake of Monteith in Scotland?

15. Which tree is sacred to Apollo (Daphne changed into one)?

16. What are Blur Crow, Brimstone, Owl and Ringlet types of?

17. If a male ass is a Jackass what is a female called?

18. What are Luster, Moreen, Mungo and Nankeen types of?

19. In George Orwell's "Animal Farm", what type of animal was Muriel?

20. What does an icthyophage do?


1. Samuel Pickwick

2. Terriers

3. Tin

4. Dick Turpin

5. Rumanian currency

6. Currants

7. Waterfalls

8. Bar Code

9. Hollywood sign

10. Steals a towel

11. King Arthur

12. Childbirth

13. A wide Sash worn like a belt

14. Only one, the rest are Lochs

15. Laurel

16. Butterflies

17. Jenny

18. Material or fabric

19. The Goat

20. Eats Fish


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