Pub Quiz 38

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1. Who does the voiceover at the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller?

2. If you climbed the Dolomites what country are you in?

3. Ad Lib is short for Latin Ad libitum what's it literally mean?

4. Name the American pilot shot down over Russia in 1960?

5. Membrenaphone are musical instruments more commonly called what?

6. Who was the first English Poet Laureate in 1616?

7. Helsinki 52, Melbourne 56 , Rome 60 what comes next?

8. What country consumes the most coffee per capita (25 lb)?

9. Which film won the best special effects Oscar in 1961?

10. The Great Gazoo was an alien in which cartoon series?

11. What would you do with a wandering sailor?

12. What new invention was shown to Queen Victoria on the 14th January 1878?

13. Which 1977 film won seven Oscars but none for acting?

14. What is a nidologist interested in?

15. What song was on the B side of The Beatles We can work it out?

16. Georges Claude invented what bright idea in 1911?

17. Alfred Hitchcock's daughter appeared in Psycho - name her?

18. Who lived in Honalee?

19. What is the largest wild animal in the UK?

20. In the song who told Laura he loved her in 1960?


1. Vincent Price

2. Italy

3. At Pleasure

4. Francis Garry Powers

5. Drums

6. Benjamin Jonson

7. Tokyo 64 - venues Olympics

8. Finland

9. The Guns of Naverone

10. The Flintstones

11. Plant it - it's a plant

12. The telephone

13. Star Wars

14. Birds nests

15. Day Tripper

16. Neon lights

17. Patricia Hitchcock

18. Puff the magic dragon

19. The Scottish red deer

20. Tommy


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