Pub Quiz 37

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1. Where could you spend a Dram - Capital Yerevan?

2. In ancient Rome what was the triclinium?

3. Somali, Balinese and Abyssinian breeds of what?

4. Which city is the capital of Tuscany?

5. What type of adornment is a Postiche?

6. Ursus Artus Horribilus - the Latin name of what creature?

7. What film won the best sound effects Oscar in 1985?

8. What is the opposite of nocturnal?

9. Which element is extracted from the ore Sphalerite?

10. What country consumes the most meat per capita (124 lb)?

11. What is used to make a classic wiener schnitzel?

12. The Amazon river rises in which country?

13. What fruit does not ripen after picking?

14. What was the sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

15. Harold the Fairhead was the first supreme ruler of where?

16. In astrology which heavenly body rules the sign of Cancer?

17. Who said "I've have take more out of alcohol that it out of me"?

18. Where might you spend a Ceti - Capital Accra?

19. In 1924 the worlds first book of what was published?

20. What is a quahog?


1. Armenia

2. Dining Room

3. Cat

4. Florence

5. Small Hairpiece

6. Grizzly Bear

7. Back to the Future

8. Diurnal

9. Zinc

10. Argentina

11. Veal

12. Peru

13. Pineapple

14. Shock Treatment

15. Norway

16. The Moon

17. Sir Winston Churchill

18. Ghana

19. Crosswords

20. Type of clam


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