Pub Quiz 36

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1. What film won the best visual effects Oscar in 1985?

2. Tomatillo is a feature in what countries cusine?

3. The golden lion is awarded at which film festival?

4. In computing what does EPOS stand for?

5. In English its worth 10 points but in Polish only one what is?

6. Who broke Bearings bank and inspired the film Rogue Trader?

7. Who created the animated characters Wallace and Grommet?

8. Vanilla is part of which plant family?

9. Which English monarch was first to make Christmas day broadcast?

10. The Vatican is the worlds smallest country, what is the second?

11. "Fire bellied Spadefoot" and "Midwife" are all types of what?

12. Who wrote "To Kill a Mockingbird"?

13. What 1979 film won the Oscar for best visual effects?

14. Which element is extracted from the ore Scheelite?

15. Where could you spend a Metical - capital Maputo?

16. Which country consumes the most wine per capita 16.7 gal per?

17. And what country consumes the least wine per capita, two tablespoons per person?

18. Inderan, Delgado, LeMond and Fignon, names in what sport?

19. A cappella is unaccompanied singing but what does the word literally mean?

20. The Wright brothers made aircraft but what was their other job?


1. Cocoon

2. Mexico

3. Venice

4. Electronic Point of Sale

5. The letter "Z" in scrabble

6. Nick Leason

7. Nick Parks of Aardman productions

8. Orchids

9. George V

10. Monaco

11. Toads

12. Harper Lee

13. Alien

14. Tungsten

15. Mozambique

16. Luxemburg

17. Egypt

18. Cycling

19. In the style of the chapel

20. Bicycle manufacturers


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