Connections Quiz 53

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The following quiz round was submitted by Ray Waites from the UK. Many thanks Ray, a great connections round!

1. Where would you find the Sea of Tranquility?

2. What was Geri Halliwell s nickname in The Spice Girls?

3. What was Anita Dobson s character name in the soap  Eastenders ?

4. What is the name of The Sunday Times list of the world s wealthiest people?

5. Who starred opposite Marylin Munroe in the 1961 film  The Misfits ?

6. Who Managed the England Football Team after Bobby Robson?

7. Who wrote the novels  The World is Full of Married Men  &  Hollywood Wives ?

8. Which comedian was the subject of the famous  Ate my hamster  headline in The Sun newspaper?

9. Who directed the films 'Halloween' & 'The Thing'?

10. What is the connection between the previous 9 answers?


1. On the moon

2. Ginger Spice

3. Angie Watts

4. Rich List

5. Clark Gable

6. Graham Taylor

7. Jackie Collins

8. Freddie Starr

9. John Carpenter

10. Famous Drummers   Keith MOON, GINGER Baker, Charlie WATTS, Buddy RICH, Dave CLARK, Roger TAYLOR, Phil COLLINS, Ringo STARR & Karen CARPENTER


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