Connections Quiz 54

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The following connections round was submitted by Brian McKay from the UK. Brian presents his quiz at the Coach and Horses pub in Carlisle on thursday nights. Many thanks yet again Brian.

1. Which actor starred as Hawaii based detective Magmum PI?

2. Which town in Cornwall has become famous for the number of artists who are based there because of its light?

3. Which Manx rider won five stages in the 2010 tour de France? i.e. Stage 5,6,11,18 & 20

4. Which comedian, writer & actor had characters which he played on his TV shows such as Stavros, Tory boy & Loadsamoney?

5. Which famous TV chef has claimed to have played professional football for Glasgow Rangers FC?

6. In the Thunderbirds TV series, which son piloted Thunderbird two and dressed in yellow?

7. In the TV medical/mystery crime series "Diagnoses Murder", who plays Dr Mark Sloan?

8. Where is the royal regatta held each year on the river Thames?

9. Who was the captain of the 2010 European Ryder cup team?

10. What's the connection?  


1. "Tom" Selleck.(tom the first tunnel)

2. St "Ives". (Archibald Archie Ives - the mole played by Angus Lennie)

3. Mark "Cavendish". The surveyor. Played by Nigel stock.

4. "Harry" Enfield (harry the third tunnel)

5. Gordon "Ramsay" (senior British officer) played by James Donald.

6. "Virgil" (Virgil hilts the cooler king) played by Steve Macqueen.

7. "Dick" van Dyke. (Dick, the second tunnel)

8. "Hendley" on-Thames. (Henley the Scrounger) played by James Garner.

9. "Colin" Montgomerie. (Colin the forger) played by Donald Pleasence.

10. All characters in the movie the Great Escape.


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