Drinks Quiz 1

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1. ?Mere Alcohol doesn?t thrill me at all? is a line from which Cole Porter song?

2. In which country is the Barossa Valley wine making area?

3. Who was the leading actor in the 1988 film cocktail?

4. Who composed a champagne Polka?

5. In relation to ale what do the letters SG stand for?

6. What is usually added to Pernod before it is drunk by the French?

7. Who boasted of eating human liver washed down with Chianti?

8. Who produces a beer called Pedigree?

9. Who wrote the novel Cider with Rosie?

10. Which drink was traditionally transported down river in rabelo boats?  


1. I get a kick out of you

2. Australia

3. Tom Cruise

4. Johann Strauss

5. Specific Gravity

6. Water

7. Hannibal Lecter

8. Marstons

9. Laurie Lee

10. Port


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