Desserts Quiz 1

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1. The French call it sabayon, what do the Italians call it?

2. If you ordered Cherries Jubilee, how would you expect them to be cooked?

3. What name is given to a custard whisked with gelatine with whipped cream added?

4. A Linzer torte named after an Austrian town has a ground nut pastry base pread with jam. What type of topping does it have?

5. On the dessert menu, what is a compote?

6. What type of pastry is used for profiteroles?

7. What type of pastry is used for jam roly poly?

8. For what was liquorice used in ancient Egypt?

9. Halva is made from sugar, water, butter, nuts and what else?

10. The Australian biscuits called Anzac biscuits got their name from what?  


1. Zabaglione

2. Flambeed in Kirsch

3. Bavarois

4. Criss-crossed pastry strips

5. A mixture of fresh or dried fruit in syrup

6. Choux

7. Suet Crust

8. As medicine

9. Semolina

10. They were sent to the Anzac troops; Australia, New Zealand Army Corps


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