Food and Drink Quiz 11

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Food and Drink Quiz1. In which century were bananas first sold in London?

2. Which Australian Opera Singer had a dessert and a kind of bread named after her?

3. What is Laver Bread made from?

4. From which fish does Caviar come?

5. What crop is attacked by the Colorado beatle?

6. Which food connects Blanche Ames, Lord Lambourne and Willis Williams?

7. What is the Swedish name for hot or cold dishes served as a buffet?

8. How big is a Jeroboam compared to a normal size bottle?

9. Isabella Mayson is the famous author of a Cookery Book. How is she better known?

10. In Greek Mythology, what was the food of the Gods?  

11. What is the fruit flavour of Cointreau?

12. What type of pulses are used in humous?

13. Which vegetable is the principal ingredient of rosti?

14. Is Amontillado a sweet, medium or medium-dry sherry?

15. Which red jelly is a traditional accompaniment to lamb?

16. Italian egg-shaped tomatoes are named after which fruit?

17. What flavour is the drink Kahlua?

18. What sort of fish is a kipper?

19. Which drink, which has been illegal but is being imported once again, is made from the leaves of the wormwood plant?

20. What type of milk is a basic ingredient of Thai cookery?


1. 17th

2. Nellie Melba ( Peach Melba, Melba Toast )

3. Seaweed

4. Sturgeon

5. Potato

6. They?re all Varieties of Apple

7. Smorgasboard

8. Four Times

9. Mrs Beeton

10. Ambrosia

11. Orange

12. Chick Peas

13. Potato

14. Medium Dry

15. Redcurrant

16. Plum

17. Coffee

18. Herring

19. Absinthe

20. Coconut milk


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