Vegetables Quiz 1

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1. Carrots are especially rich in which vitamin?

2. What vegetable is traditionally used in a Moussaka?

3. What continent do tomatoes originate from?

4. What is the Indian dish Dhal made from?

5. What vegetable is sold mainly before 30th October?

6. In a Japanese restaurant, diners may order a dish of thinly sliced beef and raw vegetables which would be stir fried at the table, what is it called?

7. What name is given to sun dried peppers used to spice up Tabasco sauce?

8. What 2 vegetables are normally in Bubble & Squeak?

9. What can be Kos or iceberg?

10. What type of bean is used to make baked beans?  

11. Which bean is the richest natural vegetable food?

12. What kind of vegetable are Kelvedon Wonder, Little Marvel and Hurst Green Shaft?


1. A

2. Aubergine

3. S. America

4. Lentils

5. Pumpkin

6. Sukiyaki

7. Chillies

8. Potatoes & Greens/cabbage

9. Lettuce

10. Haricot

11. Soya

12. Peas


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