Food for Thought Cryptic Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Alan MacDonald from the UK. Great clues once again Alan, many thanks.

Food and Drink Quiz1. Worn-out cars and a classic US TV series will give you this old British favourite

2. Take a sticky sustance and whip it up into a Hungarian favourite

3. This pudding sounds like an everyday money-earner

4. A mythical monster's greeting in Spanish will leave you feeling cheesy

5. Gulp down a musical note

6. Shari Lewis'TV puppet

7. A hot dish - that sounds cool!

8. A nuclear and silicon mixture will give you this classic

9. A hunky male for afters

10. A hearty soup made from whisky?


1. Bangers and mash

2. Goulash

3. Bread and Butter

4. Gorgonzola

5. Balti

6. Lamb chop

7. Chilli

8. Fish 'n' chips

9. Cheesecake

10. Scotch Broth


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