Food and Drink Quiz 12

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Food and Drink Quiz1. Small cubes of fried or toasted bread

2. Thick spicy fish soup from Provence

3. Crushed grain, nuts and dried fruit

4. Salted and glazed biscuit shaped like a knot

5. French for flight in the wind?

6. Black German rye bread

7. Indian deep fried triangular pasty

8. Beef dish named after a 19th century Russian diplomat

9. Sauce containing mushrooms shallots, white wine and herbs

10. Thin round Mexican maize cake

11. Which dessert was created in honour of a famous ballet dancer?

12. What is the main ingredient of Sauerkraut?

13. What vegetable is known a zucchini in the USA?

14. By what name is the love apple better known?

15. Which country produces the wine Vinho Verdi?

16. How many gallons are there in a firkin?

17. What ingredient is added to wine to make port?

18. In which city is the Coleman's Mustard Museum?

19. Which spice is obtained from crocuses?

20. Chardonnay has its origins in which French wine region?


1. Croutons

2. Bouillabaisse

3. Muesli

4. Pretzel

5. Vol-au-vent

6. Pumpernickel

7. Samosas

8. Stroganoff

9. Chausseur

10. Tortilla

11. Pavlova

12. Cabbage

13. Courgette

14. Tomato

15. Portugal

16. Nine

17. Brandy

18. Norwich

19. Saffron

20. Burgundy


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