Food and Drink Quiz 13

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Food and Drink Quiz1. What name is given to a clear soup with thin strips of vegetables?

2. What is the head waiter at a French restaurant called?

3. How is a herring turned into a kipper?

4. How is a drink served when it is described as Frappe?

5. What is a sorbet?

6. Coquille St Jaques is a fancy name for what?

7. Which US state exports the most wine?

8. In which country would you expect to be served a yoghurt-based starter called 'tzatziki'?

9. Which type of rice should be used to make the italian dish risotto?

10. What part of a wine bottle is the punt?

11. What drink did Dom Perignon invent?

12. What are dried plums called

13. Which spirit is fermented and distilled from sugar cane?

14. What gives pasta its green colour?

15. What is the other name for a ground nut or a peanut?

16. What is the salted roe of a sturgeon called?

17. Who was the roman god of wine?

18. Which cereal is the only one grown standing in water?

19. Of what is bonito a variety?

20. Where were the first European coffee houses opened?  

21. Ireland, the UK and Turkey rank first, second and third in the world in the consumption of what?


1. Julienne

2. Maitre d' or maitre d' hotel

3. Soaked (in brine) & smoked (over an oak fire)

4. With finely crushed ice

5. A water ice

6. Scallops

7. California

8. Greece

9. Arborio (or vialone)

10. The indentation in the base

11. Champagne

12. Prunes

13. Rum

14. Spinach

15. Monkey Nut

16. Caviar

17. Bacchus

18. Rice

19. Tuna

20. Vienna

21. Tea


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