Drinks Quiz 2

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1. From what is the Japanese drink saki made?

2. What name is given to the strong aniseed flavoured drink that hails from Greece?

3. Which country produces a wine called Rioja?

4. Pimms No. 1 cup is based on which spirit?

5. Which alcoholic drink has a name that means 'strange' or 'peculiar'?

6. What name is given to a bottle of champagne equivalent in size to 8 standard bottles?

7. What flavouring is used in the Italian liqueur, Amaretto?

8. Which alcoholic drink once banned in France and now available in England contains wormwood?

9. Which sweet sparkling alcoholic Perry has a young deer on the label of the bottle?

10. Which spirit's name derives from a Dutch word that means 'burnt wine'?  


1. Fermented rice

2. Ouzo

3. Spain

4. Gin

5. Rum

6. Methuselah

7. Almonds

8. Absinthe

9. Babycham

10. Brandy


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