International Cuisine Quiz 1

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1. What is the name of the Spanish soup served cold?

2. What forms the base of the Indian dish raita?

3. Which fish is the traditional ingredient of the Scandinavian dish called Gravad Lax?

4. Which vegetable (in cooking it is a vegetable, by definition it is a berry and a fruit) do Americans call Eggplants?

5. What name is given to the Japanese dish of thinly sliced meat, vegetables and seasoning all cooked together quickly, usually at the table?

6. Which vegetables, popular in Chinese dishes, are the bulb like stems of the bulrush?

7. If you were offered a choice between Brick, Dunlop or Excelsior, what type of food would you have been offered?

8. Which meat is traditionally eaten in the USA on the fourth Thursday in November?

9. If you saw canard on a French Menu, what type of meat would be on offer?

10. From which country did the dish chilli con carne originate?  


1. Gazpacho

2. Yoghurt

3. Salmon

4. Aubergine

5. Sukiyaki

6. Water Chestnut

7. Cheese

8. Turkey (Thanksgiving)

9. Duck

10. USA


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