Food and Drink Quiz 14

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The following quiz round was submitted by Matt Barker from the UK. Many thanks Matt.

Food and Drink Quiz1. With which fruit is a fish dish described as 'v?ronique' garnished?

2. What name is given to a valved top on an inverted bottle of spirits that releases an exact tot measure when pressed?

3. Name the traditional Scottish dish that comprises sheep's stomach filled with offal?

4. Which monk invented sparkling wine?

5. What sort of beans are a chief ingredient of chilli con carne?

6. Which national cuisine uses lemon grass, fish paste and lime leaves?

7. When was Coca-Cola invented - 1886,1890 or 1894?

8. Which cheese is traditionally grated and sprinkled on spaghetti?

9. What is unusual about a Bombay Duck?

10. Which country is the world?s largest producer of cheese?  

11. Where did the smorgasbord originate?

12. The European delicacy foie gras is made from the liver of which animal?

13. What colour is advocaat liqueur?

14. What is the blue in blue cheese?

15. What is the grated rind of a citrus fruit also known as?

16. Sharing its name with a plant, which famous London restaurant is a renowned Theatre restaurant with celebrities?


1. Grapes

2. Optic

3. Haggis

4. Dom Perignon

5. Kidney beans

6. Thai

7. 1886

8. Parmesan

9. It?s a Fish

10. United States

11. Sweden.

12. Goose. (And sometimes duck)

13. Yellow

14. Mould

15. Zest

16. The Ivy


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