Cookery Quiz 1

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1. What country is Pecorino cheese from?

2. Which vegetable is in fact the flower of a large thistle?

3. Which food additive is made from the bones & skin of animals?

4. What name is given to a dish originating from France primarily made from aubergines and green peppers in a tomato sauce?

5. Which type of pasta?s name means, ?Little worms??

6. What seafood is known as Norwegian lobster?

7. Which drink is Worcestershire sauce traditionally added to?

8. Which Food of the Gods is said to bestow immortality?

9. What is the name given to beef cooked in puff pastry?

10. What type of fish is in an Omelette Arnold Bennett?  


1. Italy

2. Artichoke

3. Gelatin

4. Ratatouille

5. Vermicelli

6. Scampi

7. Tomato juice

8. Ambrosia

9. Beef Wellington

10. Smoked haddock


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