Fish and Chips Quiz 1

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1. Which sport is played by a fictional character called Billy the Fish?

2. What craftsman is informally referred to as a chippy?

3. Which company issued a credit card called a Goldfish card?

4. In the film and musical 'Goodbye Mr. Chips', what is the occupation of Mr. Chips?

5. Apart from fish, what are the other two main ingredients of the European kedgeree? (The Indian version is completely different)

6. Which microchip, produced by Intel in 1993, could process about 9 million computer instructions per second?

7. Which rock band was fronted by a singer called Fish, until he left them in 1988?

8. In the old days, who would chip with a spoon?

9. What sort of fish is a vulgar abusive woman?

10. Who was Derek Redmond referring to when he said, in 1993, 'He's a well-balanced athlete. He's got a chip on both shoulders'.  


1. Football

2. Carpenter

3. British Gas

4. School Teacher

5. Rice and hard boiled eggs (chopped)

6. Pentium

7. Marillion

8. Golfer (Spoon is old name for a pitching club)

9. Fishwife

10. Linford Christie


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