Food and Drink Quiz 15

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Food and Drink Quiz1. What name is given to the fruit which is a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine?

2. An anchovy is a member of which family of fish?

3. A carpetbag steak is a thick steak with a pocket cut into it which is filled with what?

4. Which is the most eaten fruit in the world?

5. What is mixed with Guinness to make a black velvet?

6. Which spirit is added to coffee to make a coffee Balalaika?

7. Which spice is made from the pods of the shrub of the nightshade family?

8. In which country is the wine growing region Barossa Valley?

9. What type of meat is used to make Wienerschnitzel?

10. What spirit is the base of a Pina Collada?

11. Which bottled water comes from an underground spring in the Peak District?s Dovedale?

12. What animal does venison come from?

13. Which city is home to Colmans Mustard?

14. What is the meat wrapped in to make a Beef Wellington?

15. Fricassee is the French name for what kind of dish?

16. What is the south-east fried dish of left-over cooked potatoes, onions and cabbage called?

17. On which day were Hot Cross Buns traditionally eaten?

18. From the Roe of which fish is Taramasalata made?  


1. Tangelo

2. Herring

3. Oysters

4. Banana

5. Champagne

6. Vodka

7. Paprika

8. Australia

9. Veal

10. Rum

11. Ashbourne

12. Deer

13. Norwich

14. Pastry

15. A Stew

16. Bubble and Squeek

17. Good Friday

18. Cod or Grey Mullet


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