Eggs Quiz 1

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Eggs Quiz1. Which confection consists of egg whites beaten with sugar and baked hard?

2. Who wrote the play A Day in the Death of Joe Egg?

3. Which egg is described in a familiar phrase as ?good in parts??

4. Which electronic plaything takes its name from the Japanese for ?Loveable Egg??

5. Nits is a common name given to the eggs of which creature?

6. Which vegetable is served with eggs Florentine?

7. What part of Julia is described in a poem as ?White and hairless as an egg??

8. ?I am the egg man? is a line from which song by The Beatles?

9. Whose showbiz marriage to her third husband provoked the headline ?Egghead weds hourglass??

10. Which British MP lost her job after some inopportune words about eggs?  


1. Meringue

2. Peter Nichols

3. A Curates Egg

4. Tamagotchi

5. Head Lice

6. Spinach

7. Her Dainty Leg

8. I am the walrus

9. Marilyn Monroe

10. Edwina Currie


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