Food and Drink Quiz 16

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1. The Menu:
   a: What does one associate the term 'noble rot' with?
   b: In Italy if you were served 'Pesce Martello', what would you be eating?

2. Soup:
   a: Which group had a top ten hit in 1975 with 'Life Is A Minestrone'?
   b: What Arab country's national dish is a soup called fool?
   c: What are the main ingredients of Vichyssoise soup?
   d: Cullen Skink is hearty soup made with potatoes, onion and which fish?

3. Snacks:
   a: The name for which Mexican dish stems from the word for mule?
   b: What name is given to the small snacks traditionally served with drinks in Spain?
   c: What word beginning with P is a salted snack popular in The US and Germany?

4. Fast food:
   a: Which fast food chain did soccer stars Waddle, Pearce and Southgate advertise on British TV?
   b: What drink was the first American consumer product sold legally in Russia?
   c: The word Pizza comes from the Latin "p?nsere". What does p?nsere mean?

5. Meat:
   a: What is the most consumed meat in China?
   b: Traditionally, what six parts of a cow make up beef offal? (3 points for all 6, 1 point for 4).
   c: Early Portuguese colonists in Africa often ate the meat from which large mammal on 'fish Fridays' because they considered it to be a fish?
   d: Pate de Foie Gras is made from the liver of which animal?

6. Side Order:
   a: What is the name of the Turkish dish of vine leaves filled with rice, onions and chopped meat?
   b: Chips: Why did the chip manufacturer Intel stop calling their chips 286, 386, 486 etc and start calling them by names such as Pentium?
   c: Which country would you associate with the dish Couscous?

7. Fruit and Veg:
   a: Which three countries produce the most tomatoes each year?
   b: Which fruit is used to make a traditional Black Forrest gateau?
   c: Which wife of one of the Beatles wrote the book 'Grapefruit'?
   d: A dish described as 'Florentine', is cooked (or served) with which vegetable?

8. Wine:
   a: Which country consistantly produces the most ice wine each year?
   b: In which country is the Barossa Valley wine-making region?
   c: Which European country produces the most wine?
   d: What type of wine comes from the area bordered by Reims, Epernay & Chalons sur Marne?

9. Dessert:
   a: What name do Australians give to a pastry made with almonds, sugar and cream?
   b: Which historic event made Pudding Lane famous?
   c: Which fruit is found in a Sussex Pond Pudding?
   d: 'The Rise and Fall of Reginald Perrin' starred Leonard Rossiter and John Barron but what was the name of the Company Regi worked for?
   e: Who was Lord Vestey's dessert-loving, opera singing grandmother?

10. Cheese board:
    a: What do Lymeswold Gorgonzola and Stilton cheeses have in common?
    b: In which English County is the town of Stilton?
    c: Which country produces a semi-hard white cheese called Limburger?

11. Spirits:
    a: Calvados is a brandy made from which fruit?
    b: What is the name of the Irish whiskey illicitly made from barley?
    c: What is the name of the worlds biggest selling malt whiskey?

12. Sauces:
    a: Avery Island Louisiana is world famous for which product?
    b: Which pasta sauce takes its name after the Italian charcoal makers who often ate it?

13. Thermidor and Newberg are both expensive examples of which kind of culinary treat?

14. From which insect do we get the food colouring cochineal?

15: Tiebreaker: In their lifetime, the average Briton eats how many complete loaves of bread? (to be used as a deciding question in the event of tied teams - closest to the real number wins).


1. a: Wine,
   b: Shark.

2. a: 10cc,
   b: Egypt,
   c: Potato and Leek,
   d: Smoked Haddock.

3. a: Burrito,
   b: Tapas,
   c: Pretzel.

4. a: Pizza Hut,
   b: Pepsi.
   c: To press.

5. a: Pork,
   b: Kidneys, Liver, Tripe (stomach), Brains, Feet, Tongue,
   c: Hippo.
   d: Goose.

6. a: Dolmas.
   b: Because you cannot copyright or register a number as trademark.
   c: Tunisia.

7. a: China, USA and Turkey,
   b: Cherries,
   c: Yoko Ono,
   d: Spinach.

8. a: Canada,
   b: Australia,
   c: Italy,
   d: Champagne.

9. a: Frangipani,
   b: The great fire of London,
   c: A whole lemon.
   d: Sunshine Desserts.
   e: Dame Nellie Melba (peach melba).

10. a: They are blue veined.
    b: Cambridgeshire.
    c: Belgium.

11. a: Apple,
    b: Poteen,
    c: Glenfiddich.

12. a: Tobasco sauce,
    b: Carbonara.

13. Lobster.

14. Beetle.

15. 4907.


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