Food and Drink Quiz 17

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1. Plus or minus 3 grammes, how many grammes of fat are there in a Big Mac?

2. Name the popular drink that was invented by John Pemberton in 1886.

3. What kind of meat would be jugged?

4. If a recipe suggested baking at 150'C or 300'F, what number should you use if you had a gas oven?

5. In India or Pakistan what is a tandoor?

6. From what is Mead made?

7. Cheese was the original family name of which English comedy actor?

8. What would a Scotsman do with a spurtle?

9. Which marinated fish is named after a famous German leader?

10. In song, what "made a loser out of me"?

11. If I served your dish with extra Habenero, what would I have added?

12. What are Devils on Horseback?

13. Name four of the five main ingredients of tzatziki.

14. The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926, is the most expensive whisky in the world. Plus or minus 10,000 euro / US dollars / British pounds, how much money would it set you back?

15. What would you be chewing on if you ordered Pollo in Spain?

16. Which pasta translated means little tongues?

17. What are the two main ingrediants in a kedgeree?

18. With which cult film does one associate a Big Kahuna burger?

19. Florentine usually means which vegetable is in the dish you ordered, in that fine restaurant?

20. What are the two most expensive spices in the world?

21. Which opera singer is immortalised in the name of a fruit and ice-cream desert? (Full name please).  


1. 24g(UK), 25g (DE), 25.5g (AU), 29g (USA)

2. Coca Cola.

3. Hare.

4. Gas mark 2.

5. Oven.

6. Honey, water, yeast and sometimes brandy.

7. John Cleese.

8. Stir his porridge.

9. Bismark herring.

10. What made Milwaukee famous made a loser out of me. Beer made Milwaukee famous.

11. Extra chilli.

12. Prunes (or plums) wrapped in bacon.

13. Yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, lemon, mint.

14. 41,500 Euro / 59,200 US dollars / 29,000 pounds - check the exchange rates for accuracy.

15. Chicken.

16. Linguine.

17. Fish (usually flaked and smoked) and rice.

18. Pulp Fiction.

19. Spinach.

20. Saffran and Vanilla beans (or cardamon pods).

21. Nellie Melba.


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