Food and Drink Quiz 2

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Food and Drink Quiz1. Which chicken dish is named after a battle in the Napoleonic wars?

2. Which ingredient gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavour?

3. What are the two main ingredients of cock-a-leekie soup?

4. Which drink was once advertised with the slogan: “I’m only here for the beer”?

5. What name is given to an illegal highly alcoholic Irish whiskey

6. What is a ‘Blenheim Orange’?

7. Which food crop does the Colorado beetle most often attack?

8. What was the name of the highly diluted rum that was once given to British sailors?

9. How do you prevent a black rim forming round the yolk of a boiled egg?

10. What is France’s oldest type of brandy?  

11. Which region of France does claret come from?

12. In which US state did chilli con carne originate?

13. What type of food is Port Salut?

14. What vegetable did Mark Twain describe as "Cabbage with a college education"?

15. Which fruit is used to make Calvados?

16. What do American's call an Aubergine?

17. What would you buy from a Bodega?

18. What ingredient is used to flavour Amaretto liqueurs and biscuits?

19. Which contains more caffeine - coffee beans or tea leaves?

20. In which country did chocolate originate?

21. What can you do after eating a garlic doused Indian meal in order to prevent your breath smelling of garlic the day after?


1. Chicken Marengo

2. Oil of Bergamot

3. Boiling fowl and leeks.

4. Double Diamond

5. Poteen (pocheen)

6. Eating apple

7. Potato

8. Grog.

9. Plunge into cold water after boiling

10. Armagnac  

11. Bordeaux

12. Texas

13. A Cheese

14. Cauliflower

15. Apples

16. Eggplant

17. Wine

18. Almond

19. Tea Leaves

20. Mexico

21. Drink a Lassie (yoghurt drink) to coat your throat


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