Easy General Knowledge Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was submitted by Nick from the UK, who described them as "Easy General Knowledge Questions". Anyway, thanks Nick - We say: A quiz is only easy when you know all the answers!!!

1. What is 20% of 40?

2. Where did Moses receive the 10 commandments?

3. What is the national flower of Austria?

4. What does an "FP" represent on an Ordnance Survey map?

5. What was the first name of the American aviation pioneer, brother of Orville Wright, who died in 1912?

6. Which word can precede all of the following:,   less   power    storm     wave      wash?

7. What is Andy Capp's wife called?

8. By what name is solid carbon dioxide known?

9. Who wrote the novel Ivanhoe?

10. In the phonetic alphabet, which Canadian city represents the letter Q?

11. Which singer played the scarecrow in The Wiz (1978) film?

12. Which childhood disease is also known as rubella?

13. In rhyming slang what is meant by dickory dock?

14. How is Priscilla White better known?

15. Which David presented 'Juke Box Jury'?

16. Which comedy series featured the Boswell family?

17. How many sides have an isosceles triangle?

18. What does a Geiger counter detect?

19. Whose catchphrase was, 'Shut that door!'?

20. What can be a sleep or how fabric lies?


1. Eight

2. Mount Sinai

3. Edelweiss

4. Foot Path

5. Wilbur

6. Brain

7. Flo

8. Dry Ice

9. Sir Walter Scott

10. Quebec

11. Michael Jackson

12. German measles

13. Clock

14. Cilla Black

15. Jacobs

16. Bread

17. Three

18. Radioactivity

19. Larry Grayson

20. Nap


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