Mammoth General Knowledge Quiz 3

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1. The Royal Mint issued a special 50p piece to celebrate Britain's entry into the European Economic Community. What was the design on the reverse side?

2. On which river do the cities of Quebec and Montreal stand?

3. By what name is the society of friends better known?

4. Marsh Gas is its common name. What is its scientific name?

5. What is the name of the American historical novelist who wrote the book entitled 'The Last of the Mohicans'?

6. In which field of human activity was Sir Mortimer Wheeler famous?

7. John Alden will go down in history as the first man to do what?

8. History what was the Babington Plot?

9. 'Cats Tail', 'Cock's Foot', 'Sheep's Fescue' and 'Meadow Foxtail' are all species of what?

10. Who, according to Shakespeare said 'A horse, A horse. My Kingdom for a horse'?

11. Who in a hotel wears the golden keys?

12. On which river is Balmoral castle?

13. In which year was it made compulsory to wear front seat belts in the UK?

14. True or false XCI are the roman numerals for 111?

15. What would you do with a futon?, eat it, wear it, sleep on it, listen with it or make love to it?

16. Which English playwright was murdered by his lover, Kenneth Halliwell in 1967?

17. Which animal was traditionally called Russell?

18. Which English Queen died of Smallpox at the age of 32?

19. In which country is Translyvania?

20. Who is commemorated in 2 stain glass windows at St Francis Church in Dudley?

21. Who appeared on the cruise and became famous for her singing?

22. What is added to Sugar to make Meringues?

23. Which poet laureate died in 1984?

24. For which sport is Eddie Irvine famous?

25. How old should you be to marry without Parental Consent in England?

26. What is the German word for 3?

27. Which team featured Hannibal Smith?

28. Family wise, what do Henry Cooper and Carol Thatcher have in common?

29. Where did the term Cop originate?

30. In which county is The Rude Man of Cerne?

31. Which military base in North Kentucky holds the US Gold Reserves?

32. Which poet wrote "Sohrab" and "Rustum"?

33. Which sea creature has the Latin name Asteroidea?

34. Which spice comes from the Curcuma plant?

35. Which type of skirt was the main fashion item in the 60's?

36. Which year was the first test tube baby born?

37. Who directed A Bronx Tale?

38. Who is the mother of actress Joely Richardson?

39. Who played the ghillie John Brown in the movie Mrs. Brown?

40. Who was King of Britain during the American war of independence?

41. The 17.3 mile tunnel from East Finchley to Morden, the longest on the London Underground system is on which line?

42. Which company produced the saxo motor car

43. What is the name given to the amount of Money given to the Monarch for her personal expenditure?

44. Which sign of the Zodiac is not an animal?

45. What term is given to a complete turn on one leg, performed either on the ball of the foot or on the toes?

46. In a standard domestic plug, what colour is the Earth Wire

47. The badge of which organisation consists of a red cross and an anchor with the words ?Sure and Steadfast? on it?

48. What is the name of the new Cadbury?s chocolate bar that Anthea Turner and her new husband advertised at their wedding?

49. At the start of a game of draughts, how many squares on the board are not covered by pieces?

50. What is the total of the seven Roman numerals?


1. A circular design with nine linked hands around the perimeter.

2. The St Lawrence

3. The Quakers

4. Methane (ch4)

5. James Fenimore Cooper

6. Archaeology

7. 1st of the Pilgrim fathers

8. A plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I involving Anthony Babington

9. Grass

10. Richard the third

11. The concierge

12. Dee

13. 1983

14. False (91)

15. Sleep on it

16. Joe Orton

17. Fox

18. Mary II

19. Romania

20. Duncan Edwards

21. Jane MacDonald

22. Egg White

23. John Betjamen

24. Motor Racing

25. 18

26. Drei

27. A Team

28. They are each one half of twins

29. Constable On Patrol

30. Dorset

31. Fort Knox

32. Mathew Arnold.

33. Starfish

34. Turmeric.

35. Mini Skirt

36. 1978

37. Robert De Niro

38. Vanessa Redgrave

39. Billy Connolly

40. George The Third

41. Northern Line

42. Citroen

43. The Privy Purse

44. Libra

45. Entrechat

46. Green and Yellow

47. The Boys Brigade

48. Cadbury?s Snowflake

49. 40

50. 1666


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